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  Why We Need Bahai Awareness?

Dear readers, I welcome you to Bahai Awareness. This page has been set up to make Muslims as well as Bahais aware of the Bahai Faith; and hence the  name. I believe the average Bahai has very poor insight in his own religion. This is not good, as one must accept one's faith only after some serious introspection; even the Bahais would support this contention. This site seeks to bridge that void and hopefully lead to a more aware Bahai community.

My endeavour through my articles, is to explode some very disturbing myths about the Bahai Faith. I have made an attempt to use only authentic Bahai sources/references in my articles. This will hopefully cast aside aspersions that the skeptics may entertain about the credibility of my articles. All my claims are made on the basis of these sources.

My only request to all Bahais is to read my articles with a certain degree of objectivity. It is understandable if my site leaves a very sour taste in the mouth, however this must not prevent a Bahai from accepting the truth. I have always maintained, a little sourness now is better than eternal sourness later. The Bahais if they are convinced by the material on my site should acknowledge the reality. My site is an invitation towards truth and righteousness. It is a proclamation towards light from darkness. Through my articles, I have tried to exhaust all proofs on the Bahais.

I am open to any kind of debate or discussion with the Bahais. I request the Bahais to first refer to the sources I have mentioned in my articles. If there is any problem with these sources/references, I will most willingly make the necessary changes. From my experience, I have seen Bahais generally do not have access to their original scriptures in Persian and Arabic. Most Bahais have never seen the original 'Iqan' and 'Aqdas' or even the 'Bayan'. Their knowledge of their faith stems from translated versions of these books. I, on the other hand, have quoted purely from these original scriptures that are available with me. I have used the translations only for cross references. At places I have also used Islamic sources drawn from the Quran and Sunnat to make a point. This is necessary as the Bahai Faith claims to abrogate Islam and I have tested that contention through the Quran and Sunnat.

I beseech Allah and His Prophet, Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (pbuh), that I may achieve what I have set out to accomplish. What my readers see on this website has been made possible only with the help of Allah. I myself am incapable and unworthy of performing such a monumental task.

Readers who can contribute to this effort by sending me articles on the topics I have broached on my website are most welcome to do so. I look forward to your suggestions and recommendations to make this endeavour more effective.

"All praises are for Allah"

Written by: IMRAN SHAYKH


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