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Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 8th Sept 2003

Shaikh Raheal Ahmad's Message to Khatme Nabuwwat Conference in Chanab Nagar (Rabwah) Dated 7th Sept 2003  

7th September 1974 was a unique moment in the history of Pakistan. Lawmakers of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan passes a unanimous law to declare Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his followers (Qadianis/Lahoris/Ahmadis) as a non-Muslim minority. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, a special conference was held in former headquarters, Rabwah now Chanabnagar. Their present headquarters is in London.....Rashid  


Message of Shaikh Raheal Ahmad to the 7th September 2003 Conference's delegates at Chanab Nagar Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem Praise be to Allah, and His Blessings on The Merciful Prophet.

Respected Scholars, my dear Muslim brothers Assalamo alaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu

Two days back respected brother Obeidullah Sahib conveyed to my humble self via internet the order of General of Khatme Nabuwwat, Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Chinioti Sahib, that for the benefit of attendees of the Khatme Nabuwwat Conference Chanab Nagar to commemorate the historical occasion of 7th September 1974, I should send the story of my reversion to Islam. On the one hand I thought of my emptiness and bad deeds and on the other hand the infinite bounties of Allah the Oft Forgiving and Merciful, suddenly my heart cried out that O Allah! You are Eternally Besought of all my mistakes and have covered me with Your Bounties! In the presence of in-depth and spiritually enriching addresses of such religious persons and scholars, the story of reversion to Islam and message of such a person, who is illiterate and devoid of any knowledge and deeds, will be read! Definitely it is Allah who gives respect. My brothers! This honour of embracing Islam for me and my family, it is not my own achievement, nor do we have any part in it. Rather it is the eternal truth of Holy Quran that Allah shows the light hidayah (guidance) to whomsoever He wants. And those who do not seek guidance, He leaves them to remain stray in darkness (of kufr). Allah has always blessed me with His bounties, but now the greatest Bounty that He has bestowed on such a worthless person as myself, is this that me, who had opened his eyes in Qadiani household, and who was a 3rd/4th generation of Qadiani, and who was conditioned in a pure Qadiani atmosphere, (yes my brothers! in Qadianiyat a child is not brought up, he is conditioned/brainwashed) who received his education in Rabwah and who all his life held various offices in the Jamaat, at the age of 56 Allah, The Pure One, brought him out of this darkness to the light (of Islam). Allah's bounties do not stop here, but along with me He brings out nine persons of my family also to sit in the candle lighted by Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, and for the sake of His Habib SAAW, gives me the the honour of embracing Islam along with my family. AlHamdolillah.

It was 1966 when I met a very dear and righteous person, and with the passage of time, this acquaintance turned into deep and devoted friendship. After sometime this friend started telling me that 'Look my friend! either become a Muslim or make me Qadiani'. This talk just faded in a joke, but that dear brother of mine was not joking, he was serious. At last it was decided that we will sit together and discuss this issue with proofs and reach some conclusion. I thought in my heart that this is mistaken brother and he has a good nature, I have the truth, whenever we sit together within minutes I will convince him to become Ahmadi. Even in my imagination I used to visualize him as Ahmadi, and I even told the murabbi of that time that soon I am going to give a good news. Nature must have been smiling at me at that time, that what is destined to happen and what I am thinking. For various reasons, our program kept getting delayed. Then I left Karachi and came to Chanab Nagar (then Rabwah) and apparently that program remained as it is, but it remained alive in the mind of my dear brother, though we never could sit together again. I moved to Germany, but the light of our love continue burning with the same intensity. Whenever we used to communicate, he used to ask me the same question: when am I going to become a muslim, or when I am going to make him a Qadiani?. Allah answered his prayers, and several years ago Allah brought certain things into my knowledge that made me ponder. As soon as Allah lifted the veil from my eyes, and I started reading (the books of Mirza Sahib) with an open mind, day by day I got convinced that Mirza Sahib can be anything but not Prophet or Imam Mahdi or Muhaddith, and the religion of Jamaat Ahmadiyya can be anything but not the Islam of Muhammad SAAW. Come let me tell you the name of this person, who did not give up for 37 years. Today he also deserves your love and prayers, he had been attached to me like a shadow, and became a prick for my conscience and kept remembering me in his prayers. His name is Jamshed Bhatti, who is Electrical Instructor in Pak Navy in Karachi. I request you that whenever you pray for me and my family, remember him and his family as well in your prayers.

I will not give a talk here on the issues of Khatme Nabuwwat or life/death of Hazrat Eisa alaiheassalam because authoritative scholars have already shed light in much more better and with testimonials than me. But I want to draw your attention towards one thing that treat the common Qadiani with love, do not abuse him, that poor fellow has been brainwashed/conditioned; pray for him, talk to him with wisdom and instead of talking to him on the topic of Death of Hazrat Eisa alaihe Assalam or Khatme Nabuwwat, draw his attention towards the person of Mirza Sahib and his character, which is very important. Ask your Qadiani friends what do they consider Mirza Sahib to be? They will tell you that they accept him as Maseeh Mowood, prophet or muhaddith. Then you invite them to talk on the personality of Mirza Sahib and ask them what would be their reaction if Mirza Sahib is proven to be incapable of this position by his own writings, sayings, and talks, and the writings of his companions and his own children? Ask them to establish the credibility of Mirza Sahib, then there is nothing more to talk. Any common person can discuss this topic. I can assure you that they would never stay in front of you. His (Mirza Sahib's) life has been veiled by thick covers, but the true scholars have so diligently exposed these hidden aspects that one is awed by their hard work. Whatever glasses they (Qadianis) have over their eyes, when you talk to them with such wisdom then inshaAllah it will definitely have its effect.

After the last several years of my study I have reached this conclusion that Jamaat Ahmadiyya is definitely not Islam, neither is it a sect within Islam. Rather it is a new religion, which has been grafted in the body of Islam like a parasite. The founder of Islam was Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW and the founder of Ahmadiyyat was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib. After accepting Muhammad Mustafa SAAW, any one can become Muslim, but by accepting Mirza Sahib a person can become only Ahmadi or Qadiani and not Muslim, because Islam is the Allah's gifted religion, and Qadianiyat is a man-made religion. There is no doubt that Qadianis recite the kalima 'la ilaha illAllah Muhammadur Rasoolullah', but they include Mirza sahib in it. If anyone denies then ask him to read the book, Kalimatul Fasl by Mirza Basheer s/o Mirza Sahib. But when Muslims recite the Kalima, then by Allah, there is no inclusion in it, that Kalima is purely the Kalima of Muhammad Mustafa SAAW.  Holy Prophet SAAW left behind an army of Big Sahaba, where as Mirza Sahib has only left behind a Jamaat of Hypocrites. Only that person can remain in Jamaat Ahmadiyya who wants to remain a hypocrite. According to the reasoning of Mirza Mahmud Sahib himself more than 99% of Ahmadis are hypocrites. Jamaat Ahmadiyya is a Jamaat of collecting money in the name of religion, which are not donations, they are JAGGA TAX (~ransom money)

Now I want to put a question to my Qadianis friends who are present here and through them to other friends, that ok for the sake of argument, let us accept that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib was a prophet. Do Allah grant the supplications of prophets in favour of their ummat or not? and in those supplications of prophets, are there or not included supplications to raise in his ummat pious, God fearing, and people capable of leading? Now either Mirza Sahib's supplications were not granted or he did not supplicate for raising good people in his ummat. Either way it castes a shadow of doubt on the prophethood of Mirza Sahib, because according to the claims of Jamaat, its strength is 200,000,000 (although the numbers are doubtful, but let us accept it for the time being). Among these 20 crore was there not a single person who could come up to the standard of Taqwa (God fearing), piety, honesty and leadership, whom you could have chosen for a Khalifa? Is only the family of Mirza Sahib capable of Taqwa, piety and leadership? When staying in this Jamaat, for the last more than hundred years you could not give birth to a single God fearing person outside the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, then it is time for you to think that what are you getting in this impotent Jamaat? Come! Come into the fold of Islam, even today you will find hundreds of thousands of God fearing people. Just study the life of Mirza Sahib, look at his books, read his sayings, look at the writings of his companions, look at the writings of his sons. Not those writings which they show, but those writings which they had published but now they hide them from you. Then, like me, you will also reach the same conclusion that Mirza Sahib can be anything but a prophet or muhaddith. May Allah keep all of us in the light of Imaan and give you also the guidance to come into the orginal servitude of Muhammad SallAllaho alaihe wa Sallam. Ameen.

I am grateful to all of you that you gave an honour to such a sinful and worthless person like me. May Allah help us all. Ameen.


Your brother and servant

Shaikh Raheal Ahmad Germany 6th Sept 2003



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