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July 5, 2005

Another Fraud of Figures


Dr. Rashid


Dear Readers

Assalamo alaikum

I would like to share with you the following email which exposes the fraud of Ahmadiyya Movement at the highest level. Nasim Mahdi, the head of Canadian Jamaat, is behind this fraud. He has close relations with Judy Sgro, Canadian Immigration Minister. Following article exposes how has misguided the governmental authorities into believing that there are ONE MILLION Ahmadis in Canada. ONE MILLION!!! Wow!! Where are they hiding? Look at the census figures of the entire Muslim population of Canada (which include the rest of the Muslims as well, Ahmadis are Muslims as far as Canadian Government is concerned). It raises quite a few interesting issues. It proves that Jamaat does not even hesitate to deceive the authorities in the country where they are living. What is Jamaat Ahmadiyya trying to achieve by such deception? Why do the government officials fall prey to their deception? Would these officials now set the record straight? That remains to be seen.




From: M..........@aol.com Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 11:10 PM To: rasyed@emirates.net.ae Subject: Judy Sgro

Sponsorship scandal , Judy Sgro and Jama,at e Ahmadiyya

I read some where here about the involvement of our jama,at in this scandal , but I couldn,t find it any more..?? I guess one of the reasons for our failure is over indulgence in money making politics.. Ethics commissioner of Canada made Judy sagro responsible for abusing Visa powers. Ethics Commissioner said in his report that Judy and other Liberals knew about the hidden intentions of Mr. Naseer Sadiq of Jama,at , when he donated 5000 dollars to the Immigration Minister Judy Sgro... Commissioner also mentions about the Visas which our jama,at got from the minister in return for the working for her political compaign.. Too bad...



S Ahmad Registered Member Posts: 10 (6/24/05 5:05 pm) Reply

Re: Sponsorship scandal , Judy Sgro and Jama,at e Ahmadiyya

while replying to Canadian media's questions Canadian Immigratin minister Judy Sgro mentioned that up coming Ahmadiyya conference in July will be attended by half a million (500,000) Ahmadies...She further confirmed that over one million (1000,000) Ahmadies are in Canada and Ahmadies are doing great job for Canada..... I personally believe that it is wrong for a purily religious organization to take part in dirty politics and money making bussiness...due to our involvement in pakistani politics , we suffered a lot... I feel that 500,000 and 1000,000 (1 million ) fiqures mentioned by the minister are wrong, can any body put more light on this issue??? I request AkbarC to update us on this important issue...

Edited by: S Ahmad at: 6/25/05 4:15 pm

US420 Registered Member Posts: 46 (6/24/05 8:22 pm) Reply

Re: Sponsorship scandal , Judy Sgro and Jama,at e Ahmadiyya

Dear S.Ahmed: One million has six zeros (not five). Almost all ahmadies are registered in Canada and have a unique code. The code is in series. For example those who came in 70's are within about 3000. At present the total is still around 15,000. This include people who came and left and those who have died. The facility at the International Centre (in Mississauga) where Jalsa is being held cannot hold half a million people. My best guess is that under 15,000 will attend, including visitors from outside Toronto and Canada. As for politics and Jamat. They have always claimed to be non-political but have always taken the opportunity to meddle in politics. There is nothing wrong getting involved in politics but it should be done to serve public not oneself.

S Ahmad Registered Member Posts: 11 (6/25/05 4:22 pm) Reply

Re: Sponsorship scandal , Judy Sgro and Jama,at e Ahmadiyya

Thanks Us420, I have corrected the fiqure, according to Canadian media and Judy Sgro there are 1000,000 (1 million) Ahmadis are in Canada, and 500,000 will be attending "jalsa" or "conference" this year..... I guess our Ahmadi leadership has given wrong figures to her and she believed them without confirming it... How many Ahmadies will stay in Canada as "refugees" after this 500,000 conference....as prices of our bungalows in Rabwah and Lahore touch the range of million dollar houses..we reap fruits of Germany and Canada... as well... Good for tax payers of Canada...

shahid Moderator Posts: 725 (6/25/05 4:57 pm) Reply

Re: Sponsorship scandal , Judy Sgro and Jama,at e Ahmadiyya

A million Ahmadis in Canada? With half a million attending the Jalsa? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

US420 Registered Member Posts: 48 (6/25/05 7:16 pm) Reply

Jalsa Figures

I attended the Jalsa Salana today. I could not get into women's hall but on the mens side I can say there could not be more 5,000 at best. Tomorrow's gathering is expected to be larger becuase of closing ceremonies, final speech from KH5 and guest speeches. We will see.

Mushtaq Malik Registered Member Posts: 390 (6/26/05 4:17 pm) Reply

Judy Sgro's Statement

while replying to Canadian media's questions Canadian Immigratin minister Judy Sgro mentioned that up coming Ahmadiyya conference in July will be attended by half a million (500,000) Ahmadies...She further confirmed that over one million (1000,000) Ahmadies are in Canada and Ahmadies are doing great job for Canada..... Can someone please paste the reference to the statement of Judy Sgro's statement regarding 1 Million Ahmadies in canada?

Secular Registered Member Posts: 294 (6/26/05 4:27 pm) Reply


According to an ahmedi friend first day attendence was 24000/ total, where its not big there same time it shows a sign of good organization and attachment to their faith, its nothing to do with truth or falshood. P.S. Spell check is not working, so plz ignore any mistake.

S Ahmad Registered Member Posts: 12 (6/26/05 5:12 pm) Reply

Re: 24000/

About the statement of the Canadian Immigration minister Judy sgro in which she mentioned about one million Ahmadies in Canada , and about half a million attending "jalsa" one can check the link www.thehilltimes.ca/html/...ngelo/&c=1

S Ahmad Registered Member Posts: 13 (6/26/05 5:17 pm) Reply

Re: 24000/

check following link also to read about it more in the Canadian newpaper Globe and Mail www.theglobeandmail.com/s...y/National

S Ahmad Registered Member Posts: 14 (6/26/05 5:47 pm) Reply

Re: 24000/

John Ibbitson of globe and mail also wrote about Ahmadiyya jamaat's involvement in Politics, which is illegal .....as a religious charity is not allowed to take part in politics , ......and it is illegal to spend religious donations on dirty politics.. John has files on this issue and any body who wants to share some information with him can reach on his e-mail address jibbitson@globeandmail.ca

AkberC Registered Member Posts: 726 (6/26/05 6:28 pm) Reply

Charitable politics

The "religious leader" referred to in the article is Naseem Mahdi -- a person who makes Liberal politicians jump in Canada: through the huge contribution of Ahmadiyya funds through personal donations and thousands of hours of volunteer time. This is why Mr. Mahdi is in Canada and will continue to be in Canada. And do not think that the Conservative party is not aware of this -- Mike Harris almost built a garbage dump right next to Baitul Islam in Vaughan. Now, they have Sgro holed up on accepting bribes: on-behalf donations + permit request = bribe The Liberals did damage control by taking the insignificant case of Brampton pizza-store owner (proven liar and opportunist and since deported) as the last straw - but that was not the case: it was two National Post reporters in Ottawa hot on the case of the Ahmadiyya-Sadiq-permits angle that prompted the immigration minister to resign. Sgro's chief of staff has taken the blame but that is just to fool the gullible -- the signature was that of the honourable Minister and chief-of-staff is another name for private secretary -- and such people are hired for loyalty. I wonder how many and what level of Liberal party members showed up today at the Canada Jalsa 3rd day - I would doubt that it included Sgro. I think we will have to wait for another party to take power before they investigate the charitable status of the Ahmadiyya: 1. Not providing for the welfare of its members in need - primary goal of charity. In other words, nothing free is ever provided except meeting places or leaflets. Even books are sold at profit. 2. Breaking the law by funnelling money to London through the Earth station in US and through other personal channels. Canadian law requires charities that spend money outside Canada to have personnel stationed there. (like work in Africa) Jama'at took care of that loophole by reserving a spot for the satellite earth station on American territory in Canada's name - and appointing a Canadian - Maulana Munir Ahmad - to be the full-time employee there. There are TWO sets of budget - one official and one under the table with "hissa markaz" (Centre's share) on one but not the other. The only way to reconcile the two is through money laundering. 3. Spending millions to influence elections at all levels of government.

AkberC Registered Member Posts: 727 (6/26/05 6:49 pm) Reply

Number games

All the information here is in the public domain: There are almost 600,000 Muslims in Canada. The serial number of Jama'at at the beginning of 1990 was just over 4,000 About 4,000 to 5,000 bogus members were added during the Somali and Bosnian historic fraud. Not a single one of them remains. There are at least hundreds of other people who came to Canada using the blanket Ahmadiyya asylum policy and who were never Ahmadis and kept no link with the community. The recent numbers increase is due to the sponsorship of relatives. Almost every Ahmadi family in Pakistan has someone in Canada.

Christine Hayashi Registered Member Posts: 151 (6/26/05 7:13 pm) Reply

Re: Number games

All these numbers pose no problem to Ahmadis. MGA defined a new algebraic framework, which astonishingly, works fine even though it violates the Multiplicative identity. That is, in his new and remarkable algebra: 1 x a = a, for some a; and 1 x a = c x a, where c > 1, when you're running out of time to publish books. The MGA algebra opened the door to many algorithms not previously possible. For example, it is now possible to publish 50 books, even though only 5 books have been written. It has also allowed the Ahmadiyya movement to grow exponentially to the remarkable 200 million members it now has. Apparently Ms. Sgro also has learned the powerful anisotropic transformations of MGA algebra which allow numbers to be different depending upon their viewpoints.

Edited by: Christine Hayashi at: 6/26/05 7:23 pm

Mushtaq Malik Registered Member Posts: 392 (6/28/05 7:18 am) Reply

Interrogation of Judy Sgro

Let's talk about the problems with the cheque your campaign received. "There was no problem with the cheque. The problem was with the receipt. The receipt was made out with the wrong name. All the kerfuffle in the House was a receipt issued with a wrong name. The individual who made the donation has been a supporter of mine for a long time. He was very active in the Ahmadiyya community. I have 8,000 members of this community living in my riding and they are almost a million in Canada. They have been supporting me for a long time. Their support goes way back when I was a municipal councillor and I've tried to be supportive of them as councillor, as an MP, and, of course, as a minister. I've known this individual for at least 10 years. The opposition continue to go after vulnerable women and immigrants. This man now, that has his name all over the papers, he is a volunteer putting a lot of hours in to make this country better, is now so embarrassed and humiliated because he has his name all over the place." How come there are so many permits at the same time for the same group? "They have a convention that attracts over 500,000 people. All this smear campaign is all about is to bring a minister down. There is no justification to it other then cheap politics. When people talk about politics being dirty, well, this is an example of how dirty it is. I'm waiting for the ethics commissioner's report. The only thing I know is that they want to do a thorough job, which I support." .........Citizen and Immigration Minister Judy Sgro I wonder if the Citizen and Immigration Minister Judy Sgro was misinformed about population of Ahmadies in Canada by the people representing Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Canada as she gave (according to her) eight permits to Ahmadies to stay in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!

US420 Registered Member Posts: 51 (6/28/05 12:35 pm) Reply

Ahmadies in Canada

Minister Sgro is an idiot. As an Immigration Minister she should have a better grasp of ethnic/religious population breakdown in Canada. She should know that there are only around 600,000 MUSLIMS (including Ahmadies) in Canada. The Prime Minister Martin came to the convention last year. She should have asked him how many were there in the Hall which cannot accomodate more than 5 to 6000 people. She came to the convention this year too. She would have seen with her own eys how many were there 5,000 or 500,000? She can now correct her statement. But will she?

S Ahmad Registered Member Posts: 15 (6/28/05 3:43 pm) Reply

Human smuggling mafia in rabwah pakistan

please read following link, I wonder if these ministerial permits are connected to people smugglers mafia of our jama,at Ahmadiyya...??? www.patmartin.ca/ndp.php/...70cf1aac6c

Edited by: S Ahmad at: 6/28/05 4:01 pm

Noman86 Registered Member Posts: 732 (6/28/05 6:28 pm) Reply

Changing statements

Minister Sgro is an idiot. US420 Anybody who have different perspective from your vision, falls in idiot category. Soon all world would be idiot. Be patient. May be all Canadian leadership is idiot, coz they do not do anything what you your heart wishes She can now correct her statement. But will she? US420 Soon you will demand in every country that plz change your records and statements....Your old Moderator Cheifjustice use to write letters to Columbia compnay to change statements......

S Ahmad Registered Member Posts: 16 (6/28/05 9:10 pm) Reply

corruption and bribery

We know that our jama,at bribe higher officers of the Pakistani government, and most of the mullahs get "nazranas" and "eidis" ( Eid Gifts) from our leadership...this is done in order to smoothly run the day to day bussiness of the jama,at....ordinary Ahmadis are shown different picture.... As a Pakistani nation we are corrupt , liars and give and take bribes is a normal practice..and at the same time we consider ouselves on the right path...most of the pakistanis are like this... I myself noticed that the jalsa hall could only carry upto 6,000 people still Canadian media has been told by our leadership that 35,000 were present during the last session??? Canadian media also mentioned that how most of the politicians were desperate to reach to the VIP lunch area , and Ahmadiyya showed there Political muscle..and even Stephan Harper was there.....and leadership of our jama,at was busy in "deals".... with them ...especially hazrat sahib showed special love and attention towards the immigration minister... Speeches and poems for ordinary urdu/punjabi Ahmadies were very religious and emotionally charged...but speeches in English were purily of political nature....which ordinary dumb Ahmadies could hardly understand...as they were being shown as a political power of our jama,at... to the ethnic vote hungry politicians ..... Pakistani nature is corrupt ..and I believe that we will eventually make Canada corrupt....

US420 Registered Member Posts: 55 (6/28/05 10:42 pm) Reply

Minister Sgro

Noman86: If you are incapable of understanding the issue at hand, it is better to keep quiet. That way no body would notice you are so ignorant. Please tell me what was in my post that was wrong. Do we have one million Ahmadies out of 600,000 Muslims in Canada? Were there 500,000 attendees at Jalsa Salana Canada this past weekend? Even the media given an exgerated figure quoted only 35,000! If a Minister of Fedral Government is so ill informed about basic facts and figures, what can we say about her policies that will result from such information base. She had a big department with a big budget, advisors, analysts, research people etc. Then why is she so mis-informed? Please tell me.

yasmin26 Registered Member Posts: 2801 (6/28/05 11:51 pm) Reply

So far so good

My dear S Ahmad, I dont know why you have to criticise jamat for some thing she is doing good ? We live in a society where public relation tactics are utterly important to run an organization like Jamat-e-Ahmadiyya. Jamat must have good relations with the politicians,This is good that jamat is playing her cards Intelligently.If Jamat has good relations with the Politicians,It will be to the benefit for the members in the last end and i think this is jamat!s most important duty to take care of the intrests of every member of jamat. Bribes,Personal contacts,relations with the politicians,being in the lime light,to be the part of the local society Etc. are the ways of blowing life in any organization. Remember the Hadiths that "You get the same kind of leaders as you are yourself".




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