An Open Letter to Ameer of Qadianis

Bismillah ar-Rehman ar-Raheem

An Open Letter to Ameer of Qadianis

Date: 29th Sept 1994

Attn: Mirza Tahir Ahmad Ameer Jamaat Ahmadiyya

Dear Mirza Tahir Ahmad I have recieved a tape recording of your 2nd day's speech in the Jalsa Salana in Izlamabad in UK. I thank you for your comments regarding me, which truly reflects your mentality and the mentality & personality of the person whose Kalifa you are.

Let me just recapitulate yours remarks about me (for the benefit of others):

"One Wretched (khabees), one (person) was continuously hurting the sentiments of ahmadis in different areas of the world from the area of Sheikhdom. Against Hazrat Maseeh Mawood he has made one extremely Devilish (Mal'oon) advertisement in the form of a newsletter by the name of Al-Fatwa, he was sending it to ahmadis to break their hearts. Sometimes ringing them at midnight and pass insolent remarks about Hagrat Maseeh Mawood. I handed him over to Mr Naeem Usman so that he may handle him, and by the Grace of God he (Naeem Usman) has lot of courage for defensive war. I had explained to him in general. He has published that book now, which is ready with us now. Just as he h as made a caricature of Hagrat Maseeh Mawood, that disgusting (Manhoos), that disgusting photo we have not made, rather the concept of devil that is prevalent in Europe, its cartoon has been made. Because he started writing to ahmadis on one occasion that iblees came to me and he has informed me that Mirza Tahir is going to die within one year. (Iblees) said that I used to come to him (Mirza Tahir) and I am informing you that Mirza Tahir is going to die within o ne year. So he to whom Iblees comes, how can he serve Islam. He is a liar and his Iblees has also turned out to be a liar. This was three four years back. He wrote 'Two in One, this is Three in One written by our Mr Naeem Usman in reply."

Dear Mr Khalifa! I am greatly honoured by your remarks about me. One could feel the anger, hatred and contempt in your impudent remarks about me, and that makes me very very happy indeed. I heard that this book 3 in 1 is being sold in Sweden for something like 50 Swedish Crowns. This just proves our contention that your's is a Religious Trading Corporation. By the way, you are morally bound to send me a copy of your book 3 in 1, just as we are sending all our literature to you and your people. However, I am quite willing to pay for it, since I am sure you will never pay from your own pocket and I do not want to put any burden on the pockets of poor Ahmadis, who are already paying too much for the sustenance of the parasites of Qadiani Royal Family, including their stay in Hilton Hotels.

I hope you will be kind enough to send me a copy officially. Though , it is quite possible that you are scared that we might publish a reply to your 3 in 1. For your kind information, a reply is already under process by the name of 3+1=4th Khalifa, just as you are the fourth Kalifa. As soon as we recieve your book, we will compile this book and send you one copy of it, free of charge, of course.

If you would allow me, I would now like to say a few things regarding your remarks about me:-

Words like khabees, manhoos & bad-bakht reminded me of your grandfather. Like grandfather like grandson. By the way, you know very well that the pet words of your Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, were Son of a ***** (Zurriyatel Baghayah)!!

Nevertheless, you are an Oxford graduate. It is very unbecoming of you to use such cheap language in the presence of public and your mureedeens. But I suppose you are helpless because this is a hereditary sickness, which had also haunted your grandfather , father and now you as well.

You have used the word Manhoos for the caricature of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. I fail to understand how could you be so disrepectful towards your messiah/prophet ! May be you know the truth about him, which is why you have no regard for him. Someone very rightly said that anger paralyse your senses. Please refrain from getting angry, because it is bad for you high blood pressure.

Anyway, if this word Manhoos (someone with bad omen) is meant for me, than it is most welcome. I am truely proving to be very very Manhoos for your grandfather, father, yourself and the whole qadiani/ahmadi clique!! If this Manhoos is meant to reflect your abhorence towards the act of making a caricatures, than why on earth have you made the caricature on the cover of 3 in 1?  

Notice of Iblees/Devil/Satan

Now let us come to the notice of Iblees sent to you. First of all let me correct the date of this notice. You were wrong that it was 3-4 years ago. February 93 was the deadline in this notice. I am sure it was not a delibrate lie on your part but probably just a slip of the tongue. Coming back to the question of Iblees, Mr Tahir I never expected such an ignoramus answer from such an eminent person like yourself. May be the burden of Khilafah has dulled your higher mental faculties. My dear! Iblees comes to every human being including True Prophets and puts ideas in ones mind. I think you have forgotten that on the occasion of Hajj, pilgrims throw small stones in three places where Iblees tried to distract Syedna Ibrahim PbuH. But then what do you know about Hajj! You believe in that "Zilli/Buroozi Hajj" which is performed in Qadian. It is only a false prophet who denies that iblees comes to him.

By the way, when you can have a Zilli/Buroozi prophet and a Zilli/Buroozi Hajj, why can't you have a Zilli/Buroozi Iblees? Besides, as regards to the Iblees putting ideas in ones minds, even the writings of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani is witness to it. You might have come across Ilham-e-Shaitaani (devil-inspired) in his books. After all Iblees used to visit Your Hagrat Maseeh Mawood as well under the disguise of Teechee Teechee, Ail and God knows what other names.

Now it is my honesty, truthfulness and frankness that I wrote clearly that Iblees came to me. Others are not so honest. Many start claiming divinity, and are decieved by Iblees into believing that God is talking to them, while there are few who think that God is saying Assalamo-'alaikum wa Rehmatullah and even add by mistake wa Barakaathoo!

(Note: Mirza Tahir Ahmad, while addressing a gatherring of his followers in 1989 Jalsa Salana, announced : "God spoke to me last night and said 'Assalamo 'alaikum wa Rehmatullahe wa Barakatohoo.'" Then he paused a little and added: "I am sorry 'wa barakatohoo' was not part of the address." !!!!!!)

In any case it is the duty of Iblees to lie. Nevertheless, the notice sent to you by Iblees through me clearly stated that if you, Mirza Tahir, did not follow the footsteps of Iblees sincerely and did not help in propagating the Iblees's way, then you will be afflicted with death within a certain date. Now if you have not been afflicted with death that proves something, isn't it? Instead you are rejoicing that Iblees turned out to be a liar!

Dear Mirza Tahir! Iblees always tell lies. You are ecstatic about his lie and non-fulfillment of one of his prophecies, whereas scores of unfulfilled and wrong prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani never bothers you. You take exception to the prophecy of Iblees which turned out to be wrong whereas you and your creed always find some excuses and justification for the white lies of Mirza Ghulam and his false prophecies. What a contrast !!

May Allah give you some sense and insight so that you may differentiate between Haq & Batil.  

Reply of Iblees

Now this is what Iblees has to say: I asked him how come this prophecy regarding the death of Mirza Tahir was not fulfilled? He said:

"Prophecy was fulfilled word to word. This prophecy was conditional. (I had said that) If Mirza Tahir did not follow my footsteps and not propagate my religion, he will die. As a warning his wife died, because of which Mirza Tahir became scared and he repented. Therefore his death was postponed for the time being. If he leads astray from my path again, he will be punished."


See Mr Kalifa! This is what Iblees has to say about you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon regarding our challenge (No 1) of mubahila. Please do not try to escape from this challenge like your predecessors.

Or else I invite you all to denounce Qadianiyyat/Ahmadiyyat and enter the fold of Islam.

Remember without denouncing Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his doctrines, you will never be a muslim no matter how hard you try and regardless of what you pretend. Muslim Ummah have declared you non-muslim. Whether you publish Holy Quran in 120 languages or broadcast from Muslim TV Ahmadiyya programs in thousand languages, you will remain a non-Muslim, a Kafir!!

This is the Curse of Allah upon you all!

Your condition is like a man who has been declared impotent by Doctors. Even if he wants to call himself a man, he cannot prove it, irrespective of what he says. You are the creed without that manhood called Islam !!

Have a nice time in North America,

Yours sincerely

Dr Syed Rashid Ali


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