:My Journey - from Illusion to Reality
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: My Journey - from Illusion to Reality
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Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

2nd May 2004/12th Rabiul Awwal 1425

My Journey - from Illusion to Reality

I would start with a bit about myself, I am a young female who was an Ahmadi by birth, reverted to Islam about three years back, raised up in a Middle Eastern country, originally from Pakistan and recently got married.

The way I look at it, I was never an Ahmadi, now let me go about explaining it further. The first encounter about Ahmadiyyat happened at the age of ten, when I used to spend summers at my maternal grandparents house, there I read some poetry books where as far as I remember it said ‘mariam meray zanoon main’, I felt at that time this is wrong & Hazrat Marium’s respect & dignity surpasses above all & can not be used in a phrase like that. Then I remember my cousin once after attending some Ahmadi lecture mentioned that Jinns mean ‘men from mountains’, and my father was having a discussion about that with him, it didn’t quite sink in to me. Then I remember my Father mentioning that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s books use abusive language. Well time went on, I graduated, since we were not a part of any Ahmadi social circle, so we did not have much to do with them. Now that’s what I meant by never being an Ahmadi & not having a pre-conditioned mind to start with.

There are three occasions where every individual needs a religion, when he/she is born, gets married & when he/she dies. Finding appropriate spouse is one time when most of the Ahmadi families start attending the Friday prayers/other meetings at their close-by centers. So the same reason got our family linked to an Ahmadi social circle. What caught my attention there was the oath they take, which says that ‘having Allah as witness, you claim that with your life & belongings you would serve the Ahmadiyya Jamaat’. I could never take that oath, as I believe that any oath where you have Allah Almighty as your witness, you better mean it. Anyway I used to just stand, look down and not take the oath.

Then there was another event, which caught my attention. Ahmadis in general do not declare that they are Ahmadis, and even their passport does not say that. Once my Father was having a discussion with my colleague about books and he mentioned to him about the book ‘Truth, Revelation & Reality’ written by Tahir Ahmad. The next day that colleague told other Pakistani colleagues that I am an Ahmadi, & when I was confronted I refused. That was the first time in my life I felt so much guilt & insecurity, guilt when it’s not your mistake. Later when I started to ponder about such issues, I realized that we are not supposed to inherit our forefathers’ insecurities & then pass those to our next generation. If Ahmadiyyat is right I should stand up for it & be proud of it, if not then simply leave it & not carry that insecurity with myself for the rest of my life.

Then I met Mirza Tahir Ahmad in London, since my relatives mentioned to him at that time that I was not married he suggested few proposals. He even praised me & told me that I was beautiful. I have to admit that I got flattered at that time. Later when I started to ponder about such issues and met other religious scholars, I realized that they lower their gaze while talking to females, forget about passing such comments. Then the time came when the choice had to be made about some proposals, there was one proposal from a Sunni Muslim, I just casually mentioned to my mother that why can’t that person be considered & she told me that we are not allowed to marry anyone apart from Ahmadis, & if anyone does that, their family is thrown out from the Ahmadiyyat Jamaat by Hazoor (the terminology used for their leaders). At that moment it struck me that Allah does not throw any one from his Jamaat. That I believe was the time when I got confused, started pondering about my confusions, started looking for answers. I discussed my confusion with one of my colleague & he advised me that first decide who you are & then think about getting married, as otherwise it would have far reaching consequences. That advise really touched my heart & for the first time in my life I started reading about Ahmadiyyat, I read from Anti-Ahmadi sites, I read from Pro-Ahmadi sites, I discussed with my colleagues whom I considered to be knowing more about Islam. The final thing, which really convinced me, was when I got hold of the original books written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Urdu. I believe that any Ahmadi who would read those books along with Quran with an unconditional mind would leave Ahmadiyyat. There are few cases worth mentioning such as how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad mentioned he became Hazrat Eisa (Jesus), he mentions in his book that first he became Hazrat Mariam, then he became pregnant, the duration of which is less than a year & then Hazrat Eisa (Jesus) was born. A sheer mockery of Allah’s Ayah! My conclusion as to why Mirza Ghulam Ahmad proposed to refute any miracle mentioned in the Quran is because he couldn’t perform any. Since he couldn’t perform any so he refuted all those that took place by the grace of Allah SubhanaHu wa Taala

Now when once one gets convinced there are two paths to take either to remain an Ahmadi for people’s sake or to leave Ahmadiyyat all together. Ahmadi social network is quite strong & it makes it difficult for one to leave it. I believed one can have many social networks in their life, it could be due to your profession, it could be due to your hobbies, or just common interests. Any stand in one’s life becomes possible only if you could believe in Allah Almighty. I read one Ayah in the Quran which says if you feel in some gathering that mockery is being done on Allah’s Ayaat, then do not sit with them, otherwise you would be like them. I believe that Ahmadis use twisted logic to prove their point & in order to do that, do mockery of Allah’s Ayaats. So I decided I would not attend any Ahmadis jalsa / prayer etc. I did not get a red carpet treatment from my family for doing that. Once I understood why Ahmadis are considered outside the pale of Islam, I checked with an Alim if now once I have left Ahmadiyyat, could I marry an Ahmadi, & he explained to me that it is not permissible.

So finally when the time came & I decided to marry a Sunni Muslim, I faced quite some boycott from Ahmadis. My parents attended my wedding but my siblings did not. Just worth mentioning here would be a quote by my sister’s fiancée, who threatened her that he would break their engagement if she attends my wedding, cause that would mean that my sister too is a non-ahmadi, and in that case he can not marry her. Not having my siblings attend my wedding was quite painful for me, knowing I used to kill myself making sure that all their wedding functions are organized properly, and they simply stayed at home, although I had literally begged them to come. Worth mentioning here is another stupidity that they follow. My father asked my brother that what does the rule say, he replied ‘if an ahmadi marries a non-ahmadi then you are not supposed to attend their wedding’, my father replied that ‘that particular rule does not apply here as she has already declared that she is a non ahmadi, so this is a wedding of two non-ahmadis which you can attend’, to which my brother said ‘if a boy does that then there are chances of an addition of an ahmadi so you can attend, if a girl does that then that is not the case’. So my relatives, so called Ahmadi circle family friends, etc boycotted me. I actually pity them for their insecurity, cause they believe if they attend such a wedding their leader would outcast them. My Sunni family friends and acquaintances fully supported me and were there for me.

In the end I pray to Allah to keep me steadfast on Islam, and show the misguided Ahmadis the truth about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad so that they can also denounce this deception. Ameen.


A reverted Muslimah

p.s I would be writing a more detailed article soon.




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