:Mirzai Machine-Gun of ( Baghaya )
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: Mirzai Machine-Gun of ( Baghaya )
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Mirzai Machine-Gun of 'Baghaya'

by Dr. Rashid

Dear Readers

What is the favorite obscene word used by Mirza Ghulam, the so-called Promised Messiah and Prophet of Ahmadiyya Cult? ............ BAGHAYA. This is the most popular appelate that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian uses for his opponents. What does it mean?

In arabic lexicons, 'baghaya' means, prostitute; adultress, strumpet. (Qamoos Ilyas al-'Asree, Modern by Elias Anton Ellias)

However Qadianis/Ahmadis/Lahoris will tell you that it simply means disobedient.

Well, we will not argue with that. You will agree that the best person who can tell us what exactly this word means is Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani himself. If we analyse his writings, we will surely know what he meant when he used this word for his opponents.

1. Mirza has used this word in various books:

Following is the index of one particular book, Roohani Khazain volume 16. Under the word 'Baghaya', there are three entries. The first entry says:

Baghaya i.e. Street women (Zanaan-e-Baazari) and the loss that they had caused to the country and generation, its narration:  pp: 429-432, p.438.

For example, in this book Mirza Ghulam has used this word in following instances:

1.     Baghaaya: Zanaan-e-Faasiqa - Corrupt ladies. (Roohani Khazain vol.16 p.426)

2.     Baghaaya alsouq: Zanaan-e-Bazaari - Street women. (ibid p.427)

3.     Baghiya: Zan-e-Faahishaa - Immoral women. (ibid p.428)

4.     Baghaaya: Zanaan-e-Bazaari (ibid p.428)

5.     Baghaaya: Zanaan-e-Faahisha (ibid p.429)

Over the next several pages in this book Mirza has continued to use this word with the same meaning - Prostitutes. It is quite obvious that when he uses this word, it is not used to mean a disobedient person. He used this word to mean a prostitute, a harlot. So when he writes Zurriyat-ul-Baghaya, why should it mean anything different than Children of Prostitutes?

2. In another book, Mirza writes the following poetry. He is addressing one of his opponents, Molvi Abdul Haq Ghaznavi, has reminded Mirza of his failure in the prophecy of Atham:

"And in the case of Atham you are mentioning the curse of people     Make sure people have always cursed the pious ones And people are blind that they start abusing quickly     thus their curse O Ibne Ahmaq (Son of Stupid) is nothing O the one who is afflicted with cursed, leave the mentioning of curse  did you not see that after BAKWAAS (useless talk) what has happened to you You cursed me and God curse you on your face     and curse is God's curse And I do not see in you knowledge and intelligence     and you attack like a pig and make noise like a donkey Raqasta ka raqsa Bagheeyatin fil majaalis - And you danced like a prostitute dances in a gathering     and declared me Faasiq although you are the most faasiq"

(Roohani Khazain vol.12 p.234-235)


3. In another book Mirza says:

"These books all Muslims look towards it with eyes of love and affection and benefit from its wisdom and everyone accepts me and attest to my prophethood/messiahship/mahdihood, except for the Zurriyatul Baghaaya (Children of prostitutes), whose hearts have been sealed by God, they don't accept." (Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.547-548)

This means that in the eyes of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, except for a smal bunch of his Qadiani/Ahmadi/Lahori followers the entire human race is the progeny of prostitutes, harlots and un-chaste women. All 5 Billions of them. What a Prophet??

4. About Jehad he wrote:

"To do Jehad with this Government is right or not, thus remember that this question of their's is extremely stupid because how can there be a Jehad against those, to pay gratitude for whose benefaction is obligatory and essential on us? I tell you truthfully that to want bad for the benefactor is the job of a 'HARAMI' (BASTARD) and BADKAAR man." (Roohain Khazain vol.6 p.380)


5. Adressing hindus (Aryas), Mirza wrote:

"Such Bastards (haram zaday), who are evil-natured enemies..." (Roohani Khazain vol.10 p.63)

6. When Mirza was accused of using obscene language for his opponents, he did not even hesitate in blaming Allah/Holy Quran for using (ma'azAllah) abusive language, to justify his own filthy language.

"Even a most idiot and an extremely stupid person will not remain unaware of how Quran Shareef has loudly used the way of harsh language. For example in the eyes of civilised people of the present world to curse someone is an extreme obscenity but Quran Shareef is addressing Kuffar and sending curses e.g. .....similarly it is obvious that to call a person as an animal is a kind of abuse but Quran Shareef not only animal but label kuffar and rejectors as worse than all the animals of the world..... similarly it is obvious that by taking specifically the name of a person or by pointing towards him and make him an object of obscenity is against the civilised norm of todays world, but in Quran Shareef God names someone as Abu Lahab and someone as Kalb and pig and Abu Jahl is itself notorious, similarly about Waleed bin Mugheerah extremely harsh words which in their apparent form seem obsceneties, have been used ..... see surah Qalam 9 - 17 i.e.

'Do not follow what these disbelievers are saying who want from their hearts that you should not scoff at their idols and deride their religion. then we will also agree with your religion. Do not heed their clever talking. This man who wants mudahina (flexibility) from you, he lies on oath and of weak opinion and is disgraceful (ZALEEL) person, searching for the faults of others, and divide people by his clever talk, and stops people from the good path, debaucher and because of this he is extremely ill-mannered and after all these faults, he is bastard (WALD-UZ-ZINA). Soon We will brand his nose which has become long like that of a PIG.' ...

Now Mr Molvi Saheb! Do you think that any obscenity has been left behind in these words?" (Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.115-117, footnote)

Now let me expose the fraud and fabrication of Mirza Gulam which he has shamelessly performed in this quotation, accusing Allah SubHanaHu Ta'ala of using abuse language thus justifying his own obscenities. First of all let me give you the translation of this Arabic text which Mirza has quoted. you will notice the interpolations as well his own conclusions:

Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation:

8 So hearken not to those who deny (the Truth). 9 Their desire is that thou shouldst be pliant; so would thy be pliant. 10 Need not the type of despicable man ready with oaths. 11 A slanderer going about with calumnies. 12 (Habitually) hindering (all) good transgressing beyond bounds deep in sin. 13 Violent (and cruel) with all that base-born 14 Because he possesses wealth and (numerous) sons. 15 When to him are rehearsed Our Signs "Tales of the Ancients" he cries. 16 Soon shall We brand (the beast) on the snout!

Pickthal's translation:

8 Therefor obey not thou the rejecters 9 Who would have had thee compromise, that they may compromise. 10 Neither obey thou each feeble oath monger, 11 Detractor, spreader abroad of slanders, 12 Hinderer of the good, transgressor, malefactor 13 Greedy therewithal, intrusive. 14 It is because he is possessed of wealth and children 15 That, when Our revelations are recited unto him, he saith: Mere fables of the men of old. 16 We shall brand him on the nose.


You see the difference yourself. This is the mentality that Mirza Gulam has inculcated in his followers. Now they all follow the same path, accusing Allah and His Rasool SAAW (maazAllah summa maazAllah) of using obscene language.

Now let us see some other examples of Mirza's writings, where he has used the same language.

6. In his book, Anjam-e-Atham, p. 282, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 11, P. 282, attacking one of his opponents, Saadullah Ludhianvi, Mirza writes:

Mirza Ghulam wrote in Arabic:

"azitani khobsan falasto besadeghen en lan tamot bel khazye ya-ibne baghaya."

Mirza Ghulam's translation into Farsi:

"mara bekhabasate khod eeza dadi, pas man sadegh neestam aghar to ay nasle badkaran bezellat nameeri"

Our translation into Urdu:

"too ney mojhe apnee khabasat say dukh diya hay; pus mein saadiq naa hoonga agar to zillat ki mout naa marey, ay kangerie kay bete."

Our translation into English:

"You have offended me by your wretchedness, thus I am not truthful if you, O son of prostitute, do not die in disgrace."


7. Please note that, about the same person, Sadullah, we read the following Urdu quote from Qadiani paper:

"Saadullah haramzada he" Our Translation: "Sadullah is a Bastard." (Akhbar Al-Fazal, July 22, 1933) Thus, we once more know exactly what was meant by Mirza Ghulam's used of the word "baghaya".

8. In Noorul-Haq, p. 123, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 8, P. 163, attacking one of his opponents, Mirza Ghulam wrote in Arabic:

"Kollo man howa waldol halali wa lisa men zhurriyatel baghaya"

Mirza Ghulam's own translation to Urdu:


"har ye shakhs jo waldol halal hay aur kharab aurton ki nasal say nahee hay."

Our translation into English:

"Everyone is a legitimate child and not from the progeny of prostitutes (bad women)."

Here, Mirza Ghulam is contrasting "waldol halal" (the legitimate child) with "zhurriyatel baghaya" (illegitimate children).  It is obvious what he meant.

9. In Ahmadi literature, we also see this word translated as 'prostitute'. For instance in "Ahmadiyya Pocketbook" P. 30, we find:

"Bagheea" translated as "Prostitute".

10. As a final example, in the Holy Quran, ayah 28 of Surah Maryam, when Maryam(RA) brought baby Eisa(AS) to her people, the reaction of people was one of dismay and they told her:

"O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a man of evil, nor thy mother a Baghee-an!"      (Holy Quran, Maryam, 19:28)  Let us look at the three best known translators:

Yusuf Ali: "O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a man of evil, nor thy mother a woman unchaste!" Pickthal:   "O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot." Shakir:     "O sister of Haroun! your father was not a bad man, nor, was your mother an unchaste woman."

Qadiani translators have not been far off:

Malik Ghulam Faird, 1988, by Islam International Publ. "O sister of Aaron thy father was not a wicked man, nor was thy mother an unchaste woman."  (p. 649) Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, Cuzon Press, 1981: "O sister of Aaron, thy father was not a wicked man, nor was thy mother an unchaste     woman."  (p. 291) Sher'Ali, Oriental and Religious Publ. Corp. Ltd., 1982: "O sister of Aaron, thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother an unchaste woman!"

What does "unchaste women", especially since the reaction was to Maryam(RA)'s giving birth out of wedlock and bringing, the child to her people, mean and why do Qadiani translators have used this phrase, if indeed the meaning of baghaya is something else than a prostitute/harlot/adultress???

Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah

Dr. Rashid rasyed@emirates.net.ae http://alhafeez.org/rashid
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