:How a GHULAM of AHMED slanders AHMED Part 1
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: How a GHULAM of AHMED slanders AHMED Part 1
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August '97

Those who are kaafir and die and remain kaafir, upon them is the curse of Allah and of angels and the whole mankind.


How a GHULAM of AHMED slanders



Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Part I



 All Praises are for Allah, the One and Only.

His Love and Blessings may eternally shower on Holy Prophet Muhammad, after whom there is no prophet.

Recently a pamphlet has been distributed by Ahmadiyya/Qadianiyah Movement in various parts of the world, ‘Ahmad in praise of Muhammad’

For the benefit of those who are not aware of Indo-Pak culture, names like Ghulam Ahmad, Ghulam Rasool or Ghulam Ali or Abdul Rehman etc. etc. are composite and they mean Ghulam (slave) of Ahmad, Slave of Rasool, Slave of Ali or Servant of Rehman respectively. It is therefore Interesting how a Ghulam or slave of Ahmed  http://alhafeez.org/rashid/saws.gifdare to become Ahmad in his own right. Can a servant ever be coequal to his Master?

It contains such quotations from the books of their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, trying to prove that he was intoxicated with the love of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, full of praises for Allah, Holy Quran and Islam. These quotations portray a very beautiful character. However what general people do not know is that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had at least two distinct phases in his life. One extended from his childhood into his early adult life. Being born in a Muslim family, during this period he was a devout Sunni Muslim. It was during this period that we such writings where he declared time and again his Muslim Ahle-Sunnah wal Jamaat faith, his veneration for the Holy Prophet of Islam and his eagerness to serve Islam. Although he received formal education at home, he did not attend any of the established schools (madrassah) of religious education, nor did he became affiliated to any of the Shaikhs of Tariqah (Sufism) as his spiritual guide. Rather he helped himself freely with various religious material available to him forming his own opinions and conclusions. If there was any deviation from the established doctrine of Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaat it was hardly noticeable.

During the later part of his life, his thoughts and beliefs exhibited a noticeable change and initially at least Mirza Ghulam made attempts to backtrack from his statements or writings to dampen the backlash of Muslims. However with the passage of time he became more and more defiant and audacious in his heretical views. It is this another aspect, this transformation, of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's personality which is hidden from the public eye and which is hardly ever mentioned and quoted in the propaganda literature of Ahmadiyya Movement.

Another fact worth remembering are those writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in which he confesses to be suffering from various diseases afflicting his brain and higher mental functions. He mentions about Melancholia (Maniac Depressive Psychosis), Mirraq (Hypochondriasis), Attacks of unconsciousness, Amnesia, Forgetfulness, Insomnia, Hysterical Fits, Attacks of Heart Fits (Nervous Breakdown), Dizziness, Diabetes mellitus, Excessive Urination of upto 100 times per day. He obsessively complains of Impotence and Lack of Sexual Power. He mentions of scores of Medicines used for all these ailments which he was either preparing himself or getting others to prepare for him. There are mentions of using of Tonic Wine and Opium for such maladies. Even he dreams of Angels telling him of various concoctions to regain his Sexual Energies. In fact on one occasion God instructed him in dream to prepare 'Divine Potion' for his Sexual Destitution and OPIUM was its major constituent

In the following pages, I will present quotations from the same books written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and let readers be the judge of his character. Was he really inebriated with the love of Holy Prophet, was he really a prophet, was he really receiving revelation/inspiration or was it the work of his sick mind compounded by his consumption of Opium and Alcohol. It will then be your responsibility to decide whether it is ignorance from their founder's writings or a well-orchestrated deception and cover-up by Ahmadiyya Movement.

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Dibba, August 9th, 1997


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s and his God

 In their propaganda literature Ahmadiyya Movement boasts of their founder's love and praise for Allah. Following quotations from his books reveal that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's WAHI (revelation) and INSPIRATIONS have been directing him in an altogether different direction:

"I saw in my vision that I myself am God and believed that it is true . . . . Godhood penetrated my tissues . . .and in this state I was saying that We want a new heaven and a new earth. Thus I created heavens and earth . ."

(Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.103)

"On one occasion Hazrat Maseeh Mowood revealed his condition that the State of Revelation came upon him in such a manner as if he is a woman and God has expressed His power of Virility. Hint is enough for those who can understand."

(Tract No.34, Islami Qurbani p.12 by Qazi Yar Mohammed Qadiani, a close associate of Mirza Ghulam)

 (SubhanAllah! Accusing Allah of Homosexuality! May Allah protect us from such wild imaginations.)


God tells Mirza in his Wahi:

"(O Mirza!) Heavens and Earth are with you as they are with me . . . . You are from me as my Unity and my Uniqueness . . . . . You are from me like my Throne . . . . You are from me like my son . . . . . I make mistakes and I fulfil . . . . . I Fast and I break the fast . . . . . We give you the gladtidings of a son which will be the manifestation of 'HAQ' and the MAJESTY, as if GOD has descended from Heavens. We give you gladtidings of a son.."

(Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.79-99)


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW

Ahmadiyya Movement’s propaganda literature is full of quotations from Mirza’s writings overflowing with his love for Holy Prophet Muhammad (SalAllaho alaihe wa Sallam). Following quotations from the same books tell an entirely different story. Interestingly his status evolves from one stage to the next. Initially he was a SERVANT of AHMAD (MUHAMMAD) saaw; then he became intoxicated with his love. Later this intoxication annihilated his personality and he became Muhammad SAAW Are his followers (Qadianis/Ahmadis/Lahoris/Mirzais) aware of these writings? If they are, then why are they concealing such profanities?


Mirza Claims to be a SERVANT and INEBRIATED with the love of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW:

As mentioned in the leaflet "Ahmad in Praise of Muhammad" Mirza claimed to be inebriated with the love of Muhammad. He claimed that he was the GHULAM (slave) of AHMAD (SAAW).

 "This humble self is neither a PROPHET nor a MESSENGER, rather only my Virtuous Prophet's LOWLY SERVANT and FOLLOWER…."

(Statement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Akhbar AlHakm Qadian No.23 vol. 5)

"After God I am inebriated with the love of Muhammad. If this is infidelity, then by God I am the greatest infidel."

(Saying of Mirza in pamphlet 'Ahmad in Praise of Muhammad' p.1)

Having thus convinced his followers of his love for Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, he took his claims further by pretending that his love has took him to a stage where his person has become the person of Muhammad. Mirza said:

 "And Allah bestowed upon me the bounty of the Holy Prophet and made it perfect, and he drew towards me the kindness and generosity of that Merciful Prophet, so much so that my entity became his entity. Thus he who joins my Jamaat really becomes one of the Sahaba of my Chief who was better then all the Prophets. It is not hidden from those with the ability to think that this is what the words "others of them" mean. The person who differentiates between me and Mustafa (i.e. Holy Prophet pbuh) has neither seen me nor recognised me".

(Khutbah-e-Ilhamiah, Roohani Khazain, vol.16, pp.258-259)

It was then just a matter of time that he started claiming to be the reincarnation of Holy Prophet SAAW. Thus a GHULAM BECAME THE MASTER.

 Mirza Ghulam claims to be Mohammad (saaw)

 Mirza Ghulam says:

"'Mohammadur Rasoolullah wal lazeena m'ahoo, ashiddao 'ala alkuffare rohamao bainahum' in this revelation God has named me Mohammed and Messenger as well."

(Roohani Khazain vol. 18 p.207)

Mirza Ghulam said:

"Holy Prophet has two advents or in other words you can say that in one Buroozi way coming again of Holy Prophet (saaw) was promised which has been fulfilled by the appearance of Promised Messiah and Promised Mahdi."

(Roohani Khazain vol. 17 p.249)

Mirza Ghulam says:

"I have said several times that according to the verse (of Holy Quran) 'wa akhareena minhum lamma yalhaqoo behim' as Burooz I am the same Prophet, the Khatamul Anbiyyah, and 20 years ago God named me Mohammed and Ahmad in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and declared me His Being."

(Aik ghalti ka azala, Roohani Khazain vol. 18 p.212)

Mirza Ghulam said:

"The Holy Prophet (saaw) had two births as a Prophet. In other words, we may say that it was promised that the Holy Prophet (saaw) would be born in the world once more (reincarnated) and this was fulfilled by the incarnation of the Promised Messiah and the Promised Mahdi".

(Tohfa-e-Golravia, Roohani Khazain vol. 17 p.249)

Mirza said:

"When I am the Holy Prophet incarnate and when all the accomplishments of Muhammad including the prophethood are reflected in my mirror of my shadiness, then who is the man who has claimed prophethood in a separate being?"

(Ek Ghalti Ka Izala, Roohani Khazain, vol.18, p.212)

Such beliefs and writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad led his follower to express boldly their beliefs in following terms.

 Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam says:

"Maseeh Mowood is not a separate thing from Holy Prophet pbuh, but it is He Himself who has come again in this world in Buroozi form..... therefore is there any doubt that God has sent Holy Prophet again in Qadian?"

(Kalimat Alfasl p.104-105, Review of Religions Qadian March 1915)

"Now it is clear that if rejecting Holy Prophet is KUFR then rejecting Promised Messiah should also be KUFR, because Promised Messiah is nothing separate from Holy Prophet, but it is Him and if he who rejects Promised Messiah is not KAFIR then the rejector of Holy Prophet is also not Kafir, God forbid."

(Kalimat alFasl p.146-147 Review of Religion, Qadian, Mar-Apr 1915)

"Thus does any doubt remain that God has sent Muhammad (pbuh) again in Qadian to fulfil his promise?"

(Kalimat alFasl by Mirza Basheer Ahmad, Review of Religions p.105, No.3, vol.14)


Mirza is equal to Holy Prophet Muhammad:

It was just another step forward to equate himself with Holy Prophet. Mirza said:

"Anyone who differentiates between me and MUSTAFA (pbuh), he has not seen me and has not recognized me."

(Roohani Khazain vol. 16 p.171)

Official Qadiani mouthpiece, Al-Fazl from Qadian wrote:

"The entity of the promised Masih (Mirza), in the sight of Allah is the entity of the Holy Prophet (SAW). In other words, in the records of Allah there is no duality or difference between the promised Masih and the holy Prophet (SAW). Rather they both share the same eminence, the same rank, the same status and the same name. Although verbally they are two, yet in reality they are one and the same".

(Al-Fazl, Qadian, vol.3, No.37, dated 16th September 1915, as cited in Qadiani Mazhab page 207, 9th edition, Lahore)



 Next Step was quite natural for his close companions to take:

"With the coming of Promised Messiah one difference (in the meaning of Kalima) has occurred and that is that before the advent of Promised Messiah, in the meaning of 'Mohammad ur Rasoolullah' only Prophets of bygone days were included, BUT with the advent of Promised Messiah, ONE MORE PROPHET HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE MEANING OF MOHAMMADUR RASOOLULLAH ...... thus to enter in Islam it is still the same Kalima, the only difference is that the advent of Promised Messiah has added one more prophet to its meaning...we don't need a new Kalima, because Promised Messiah is nothing separate from Holy Prophet, as he says: 'saara wujoodi wujoodahoo (my person became his person)' and 'he who differentiates between me and Mustafa has not seen me and not recognises me'.....thus Promised Messiah is Muhammad Rasoolullah himself who has come again in this world to spread Islam, therefore we do not need any new Kalima. Yes if someone else had come then we may have required it --- thus think all of you."

(KalimatAlFasl p.158 by Mirza Basheer Ahmad)

"As a result of the birth of the Promised Messiah (the Qadiani Mirza) a difference has cropped up (in the meaning of the Kalima). Before the birth of the Promised Messiah (the Qadiani Mirza) in the world as a prophet, the words Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah) included in their meaning only such prophets as had preceded him; but after the incarnation of the Promised Messiah (the Qadiani Mirza) in the world as a prophet, one more prophet has been added to the meaning of Muhammad ur Rasoolu Llah. Therefore on account of the incarnation of the Promised Messiah the Kalima, God forbid, does not become abolished; it rather shines more brightly. In short, the same Kalima is (effective) even now for embracing Islam, with the only difference that the incarnation of the Promised Messiah (Mirza Qadiani) has added one more prophet to the meaning of Muhammad ur Rasool Llah".

(Kalimatul Fasl, page 158, by Mirza Bashir Ahmad Qadiani)

"Moreover, even if we accept by supposing the impossible that the sacred name of the Gracious Prophet (pbuh) has been included in the sacred Kalima because He is the Last of the Prophets, even then there is no harm and we do not need a new Kalima because the Promised Messiah is not a separate entity from the gracious Prophet as he (Mirza) himself says: "My being is exactly the being of Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah". Also, "One who discriminates between me and Mustafa has neither recognized me nor seen me". And the reason for this is Allah Almighty's promise that He would reincarnate "Khatam un Nabieen" in this world once more as a prophet as is evident from the verse "And others of them... Thus the Promised Messiah (Mirza of Qadian) is himself Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah, who has been incarnated in the world again to spread Islam. We do not, therefore, need any new Kalima. Albeit, a new Kalima would have been necessary, if some other person had been reincarnated instead of Muhammadur Rasool Llah. So contemplate!"

(Kalimatul Fasl, page 158)



 "Thus according to the verse (of Quran) 'O people of the faith! Send your Salat on Him and salute Him with the Salutation (33:56) and according to those Hadiths in which there are instructions to send Durood on Holy Prophet pbuh, sending Durood on Hazrat Maseeh Mowood is just as necessary as it is on the Holy Prophet pbuh."

(Risala Durood Shareef by Mohd Ismael Qadiani p.136)

"According to the traditions in Islam and Hadith, it is necessary to clearly include His (Holy Prophet pbuh) Family in Durood; Similarly albeit more importantly it is necessary to clearly send Durood on Maseeh Mowood and not to be contended with that General Durood which reaches him (Mirza) as well when one sends Durood on Holy Prophet pbuh. Thus Hazrat Maseeh Mowood says:

'One of the objections of the ignorants is also this that the followers of this man (Mirza) apply on him the words ['alaihe assalato wa assalam] and to say this is HARAM. The answer to this is that I am the Promised Messiah, and leave aside the saying of Salaat and Salaam, Holy Prophet Himself said that he who finds him, convey His salaam to him; and in all Hadiths at hundreds of places Salaat-o-salaam is mentioned for the Promised Messiah. When such words about me are said by The Prophet, Sahaba has said, rather God has said, then how can it be Haram for my Jama'at to say such words for me."

(Risala Durood Shareef, Arba'een No.2 Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.349)

Mirza Plagiarizes verses of Holy Quran

This self proclaimed intoxicated lover of Holy Prophet SAAW became so much consumed with his love that he started having revelations (delusions of grandeur!) informing him that all those verses revealed in the glory of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW are now being revealed in Mirza Ghulam's honour. Open Haqeeqatul Wahi in volume 22 of Roohani Khazain and you will find that from pages 77 to 111 Mirza Ghulam has mentioned samples of his revelations/inspirations, a mixture of Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Punjabi and occasional English. Those who are familiar with Holy Quran will immediately recognize the extent of wholesale plagiarization of various verses of Holy Quran, Here one will find those verses which were revealed to Glorify Holy Prophet Muhammad http://alhafeez.org/rashid/Durood.gif and some which were used for Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). Only Few examples will be mentioned here.

 Allah Glorifies Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and His Companions in Holy Quran in the following verse:

 "'Mohammadur Rasoolullah wal lazeena m'ahoo, ashiddao 'ala alkuffare rohamao bainahum' Mohammad, the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him (i.e. His Companions) are....." (Al-Quran 48:29)

 For the last fourteen centuries Muslims have never had any other meanings to this famous verse. But Mirza's WAHI informs him:

"'Mohammadur Rasoolullah wal lazeena m'ahoo, ashiddao 'ala alkuffare rohamao bainahum' in this revelation God has named me Mohammed and Messenger as well."

(Roohani Khazain vol. 18 p.207)

Likewise following is the list of some verses of Holy Quran, which every Prophet-loving Muslim will immediately recognise to be venerating and glorifying Syedna Muhammad SAAW, were ALLEGEDLY REVEALED AGAIN to glorify Mirza Ghulam. Mirza:

"'Howa allzi arsala rasoolahu bil huda' He (Allah) is the one who has sent His Messenger with guidance...." (al-Quran 9:33)"'Subhan allazi asra be 'abdehee ....' Glorified be He (Allah) who took His Servant on the Journey by Night from Masjid alHaram to Masjid alAqsa...'" (al-Quran 17:1)"'qul in kuntum tuhibboonal Llaha fa al-tabe'oonee...' Say (O Muhammad!) If you really love Allah, then follow me..." (al-Quran 3:31)"'Inna fatahna laka fathun mubeena...' Verily! We have given You (O Muhammad) a manifest victory...." (al-Quran 48:1-2)"'Ya Seen wa alQuran alHakeem. Innaka la minal mursaleen....' Yaseen! By the Quran, full of wisdom. Truly You (O Muhammad) are one of the Messengers." (al-Quran 36:1-3)"'Inna a'atainaaka alKauser...' Verily! We have granted you (O Muhammad!) a river in Paradise..." (al-Quran 108:1)"'wa Maa arsalnaaka illa Rehmatal Lil 'alameen' And We have not sent you (O Muhammad!) save as a Mercy for All the Worlds." (al-Quran 21:107)


 Having thus pilfering the role of Holy Prophet SAAW, he and his followers started helping themselves of all the other Muslim epithets and titles. For example:

His family became AHLE BAITHis companions became SahabaWife of Mirza started being addressed as UMM-ul-M'oMINEEN:Mosque built by his father became al-AQSA MOSQUE in QADIAN

For 1400 years Muslims were wrong about the sanctity of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Actually according to Mirza Ghulam Masjid Aqsa is in Qadian. Holy Prophet went to Qadian and not Jerusalem on Night of Ascension. Mirza says:

"Verse of Holy Quran (17:1) 'Subhan alLazee asra be'abdehee lailan min alMasjid alHaram ila alMasjid alAqsa.....' Glory be to Him who took His Slave in the night from Masjid Haram to Masjid Aqsa...., its literal and true application is that Mosque which has been built by Mirza's father and whose extension has been done by Mirza."

(Advertisement for collection of donation for Minarat-ul-Maseeh, Collection of Advertisement vol.3 p.286)

QADIAN became as sacrosanct as ARDH-e-HARAM and coming to visit that place became a SHADOW HAJJ:

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