:Deendar Movement in India

: Deendar Movement in India
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 25th August 2000 Updated on 2nd Sept 2000  

Another Face of Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement

Deendar Movement in India


Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Recently during the past few months (from 15th May to 15th July) there had been series of explosions in various places of worship, including temples, mosques, churches, in Karnataka, Andhra Pardesh and Goa in India. Many have been killed and scores have been injured. Official sources a the central and provincial Ministry of Interior have confirmed that Deendar Anjuman is involved in these series of explosions. Until now about 35 members of this Anjuman have been arrested, among them is the General Secretary of Wajewari (Andhra Pardesh) who said in a statement after arrest: We are running this mission in this country under the special instructions of our leader, Zia-ul-Hasan (Pakistan); we make bombs and distribute them in various parts of the country; our purpose is to create divisions and hatred mongst different ethnic groups in this country. To achive their goals they exploded bombs in Churches in Machli Patnam, Tarepali, Godum and Angoli. They also exploded bombs in the Central Mosque in Guntor and a Temple in Hyderabad. During interogation, detained members of Deendar Anjuman admitted that they are doing all these activities on the instructions of their leader to create disturbance in this country.

Times of India and other Indian Newspapers have reported these events in details. in its says that the Police detective team who is investigating the bombings of churches have arrested several activists of a cult called Deendar Anjuman. The latest arrest was of one Bashher Ahmad who according to the CoD sources is the Mastermind behind these explosions. He and his fathers were staunch supporters of this Anjuman. Basheer is honoured with the title "Bhakta Bhargava" by an elderly member of the sect. According to the newspaper report, Police said that the Tata Sumo which was used in the bombing of the churches was provided to Kalkujum, the chief of the Hyderabad unit of the Deendar Anjuman. (Times of India, Friday 11 August 2000)

Further details of these incidents can be had from the following sites: http://alhafeez.org/rashid/hindu.html

What is this Deendar Anjuman? Who was its founder? Why are they doing it? The answer to these questions would be found only after examining them in historical perspective.

Deendar Anjuman was founded by Siddiq Hasan Deendar. He was a disciple of the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and stayed with him for about two years before his death. After the death of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, he came to Qadian hoping for some recognition and post. But when Hakeem Nuruddin and after him Mirza Basheerduddin became the Khalifa, he left Qadiani and joined the Lahori faction of Ahmadiyya Jamaat and started a campaign against the Qadiani Khalifa.  Later he went to Hyderabad where he announced that he is the real succesor of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, whose birth was predicted by Mirza Ghulam. In Hyderabad he formed Deendar Anjuman, and managed to get support of the Nizam Government. He proclaimed ot be Chun Basheshwar meaning the Chosen Servant of God, whose advent had been predicted in Hindu as well as Qadiani books. This was the time (1940s) when Muslims had become conscious of the false claimants of prophethood, therefore he tactfully steared away from such claims. He however claimed to be a siddiq and started campaigning his religion to the ignorant villagers around Hyderabad. After 1947, when Indian Government imprisoned Siddiq Deendar and his close associates, he ordered the rest of his disciples to migrate to Pakistan where they settled in Mardan in NWFP, and made Zia-ul-Hasan, his elder son, their leader and his successor. Siddiq Deendar died on 7th Rajab/4th April 1952, shortly after he was released from prison.

Following are excerpts from his book, Khadim-e-Khatmun Nabiyeen. He wrote:

"If I am not the Promised Appointtee of Ahmadis, then let anyone announce who else came exactly at the appointed time i.e. 1924. If they are waiting for Mian Saheb (Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud, 2nd Khalifa) to be appointed, then such a thing is wrong for many reasons. Firstly it is wrong because the appointee is never a Khalifa of a strong party, because the followers of appointee hav to pass through the phase of blind faith and tribulations; other than this for Promised Yousuf, Hazrat (Mirza) Saheb had used the words 'nutfa' and 'halqa' that he would be an ordinary person, your eyesight will dicieve you and this is the sunnat Allah. .... thus under such cir*****stnces neither Khawaja Kamaluddin Saheb can stand up nor Maulana Mohammad Ali and nor Mian (Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad) Saheb. All these are famous people, if they get appointed for this task, then the Sunnat of Allah will change. That is why, according to His Sunnat, Allah AlMighty has selected a Siddiq during the period of tribulations over Jamaat Ahmadiyya...... Every word of the Prophecy fits on this humble self. Firstly the sign that he would be like 'nutfa halqa' and people's sight will be deceived - and this is according to my birth, I was very weak at the time of birth, even the sound of crying would not come out, my father said that is this child alive? throw him in the rubbish bin; my mother said that there is still life in him just wait. ..... Allah wants to take work from Jamaat Ahmadiyya, there are plenty of sincere people in the Jamaat .... Allah does not want to leave this Jamaat. There is a blessing again. Hazrat Saheb has written that everyone should work jointly until someone stands up with the Spirit of Truth, then join this person with Spirit of Truth and he will be in the colours of Siddiq, will be useless like 'nutfa and halqa', do not get decieved. Anyway whatever is happening at this moment is the fulfillment of God's promises." (Khadim-e-Khatmun Nabiyeen P.18 by Siddiq Deendar Chun Basheshwar)

"Hazrat Mirza Saheb had announced on 8th April 1886 that one Promised one is shortly going to be born, i.e. from today after the duration of pregnancy he would come in this world, he will speak with the Holy Spirit, he coming would be the descent of God, he will be a great person etc. etc. When Hazrat Saheb made this announcement, it was the month of Rajab 1303 H/1886 AD. Hazrat Saheb gave the date fo birth of this humble self. According to all these gladtidings, I was born on 7th June 1886 AD. This date is recorded in the schools and other offices ... it is not a concocted date of this day, and the era of guiding comes at 40th year, that is why Mirza Saheb had mentioned the time of advent as 1924." (Khadim-e-Khatmun Nabiyeen P.16 by Siddiq Deendar Chun Basheshwar)

"Look at my sincerity and honesty that in search of truth I accepted the Khilafat of Mian Saheb (Khalifa-e-Qadian) and took oath of allegiance on his hands. With sincerity I investigated in Qadian and didn't like their exaggeration of beliefs. I prayed, ultimately God wanted to save His servant, got out of Qadian.... ultimately God heard my supplications and made me the Awaited (reformer) whose promise was given.. He is taking the same service from me with his Grace which has been peformed earlier by other Saints of Islam. and is showing plenty of signs and God's support is with me to an extreme degree." (Khadim-e-Khatmun Nabiyeen P.25 by Siddiq Deendar Chun Basheshwar)

"I have been calmly listening to all the scoldings of the learned man .. and then I said: Bring pen and ink, I will now write down, thousand times write down that I am hardened Qadiani. Then I took the paper and wrote the following statement:

'Siddiq Deendar Chun Basheshwer is hardened Ahmadi, I am against the Qadiani way which has been started by Mian Mahmud from Qadian, I am its strict enemy, and those beliefs which are started by Mian Mahmud, I have exposed them and will continue to negate them. Signed: Siddiq Deendar Chun Basheshwar.'"

(Khadim-e-Khatmun Nabiyeen P.18 by Siddiq Deendar Chun Basheshwar)

"This lowly self (Siddiq Deendar) knows that he (Mian Mahmud, Khalifa-e-Qadian) is a pious man and have great gladtidings. Our differences with him are only on certain minor religious issues, neglecting them might make tham differences in major priniciples, that is why I opposed. Now there is no opposition because God has informed me that soon he would join us in our beliefs." (Khadim-e-Khatmun Nabiyeen Preface. by Siddiq Deendar Chun Basheshwar)

Siddiq Deendar died on 7th Rajab/4th April 1952, shortly after he was released from prison. His anneversary is observed every year on 7th Rajab in Mardan where Deendars from India and Pakistan gather to renew their vows. they had always resented the imprisonment of their leader and their migration from India. Finally they struck back.

Deendar Anjuman still have close links with the Lahori faction of Ahmadiyya Movement. Qadiani faction considers Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani to be a Promised Messiah, Imam Mahdi, Prophet of God etc. But the Lahori faction considers Mirza only to be a Promised Messiah and Mahdi. Despite these minor differences they are united in their belief in Mirza Ghulam as their religious spiritual leader, their anti-Islamic and anti-Pakistan stand. During the struggle of Independence, they tried to sabotage the cause of Pakistan by declaring themselves as a separate entity from Muslim Ummah. They have continued to play the role of henchmen of Anti-Islamic forces.

In 1974 Government of Pakistan declared Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani and his followers (Qadiani and Lahori) as apostate and out of the fold of Islam, declaring them as non-Muslim minority who can constitutionally enjoy their rights as such. Scholars from all over the world met at a conference in Makkah under the aupecies of World Islamic Mission (Rabita Alam Islami) and unanimouly declared Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani and his followers as out of the fold of Islam. A further blow to the Ahmadiyya Movement came when General Zia-ul-Haq promulgated law whereby it was forbidden for Qadianis/Lahoris/Ahmadis to abuse the Islamic epithets or to call themselves as Muslims. This infuraited them and further strengthened their Anti-Pakistan/Anti-Islamic stance.

These recent events by Deendar faction of Ahmadiyya Movement are delibrately designed to malign Pakistan, hurt the already strained relations between Pakistan and India. Another purpose is to give an impression that as if Pakistani Government is behind such activities. I hope and pray that Governments on either side would take note of these facts and deal with the situation accordingly. I appeal to both Governments to take note of these terrorist/anti-state activites of Qadiani/Ahmadiyya/Deendar Movement and start appropriate legal proceedings against those who are directly involved in these crimes as well as against their leadership.

Read the following article regarding Deendar and Qadiani Sect published in Hindustan Times.


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