:A DIALOGUE from Tanzania Part 2

: A DIALOGUE from Tanzania Part 2
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 17th March 2003

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem


A general report on the progress of Anti – Qadiyanis movement in Tanzania

by Shaeikh Buzulu


Allah says in Quran: Jaa alHaqqo wa zaHaqul baatil; innal baatila kaana zaHooqa - Truth came and falsehood perished; falsehood was bound to perish. Whenever there is falsehood, Allah arranges for someone to proclaim the truth. Ahmadiyya Jamaat, also known as Qadiyaniyah, have been engaged in misguiding the innocent and ignorant Muslims for a long time, innocent Muslims who did not the real beliefs of this false prophet from Qadian, India. Pretending to be Muslims, they have used missionary tactics to convert many to their fold. By the Grace of Allah, Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam started its awareness campaign in various parts of Africa. In Tanzania we have been peacefully trying to spread this message of awareness through limited means available at our disposal. Following is a brief account of our activities. It is a living proof of Jaa Al-Haqqo wa ZaHaqul baatil. Fa AlHamdolillah 'ala zaalik.

Categories of our activities:

·         Caravan, dialogues, publication

·         Preparation and distribution of publications

·         Conducting seminars

The effects of activities;

·         Muslims return to true faith

·         Public awareness

·         The Qadiyyanis face resistance

Categories of our activities:


The attention is greatly being directed to the most important areas where Qadiyyanis seem to have greater influence in Tanzania the qadiyyanis are mostly scattered in eight region namely Tanga ,Pwani, Morogoro, Mtwara, Ruvuma, Iringa, Tabora and to the lesser degree in Kigoma Areas already visited and attend by the caravan are first Pwani from Rufiji ,Kibiti to Ikwiriri where Qadiyyanis are particularly present. Secondly Tanga from Dizinga to kirare and Morogoro from urban to mkuyuni  


Dialogue and public lectures have been conducted in different areas as follows. We held dialogue I  Kitunda area where sheik kingaru exchange argument with the qadiyyanis but seeing that they are defeated their leader named Durrani created disorder and the function had to terminated abruptly.

The second time the dialogue was resumed at the same place but the Qadiyyanis denied the presence of Sheikh Kingaru.They thus had argument with Sheikh Hussein Ishmael once again the dialogue had to come to an end before time owing to tumultuous situation engendered by Qadiyyanis failure to repress emotion.

The other Dialogue took place in Dizinga villages in Tanga. It was again Sheikh Kingaru who exchanged arguments with Qadiyyanis. The Qadiyyanis failed to advocate their standpoint.


Preparation and distribution of publications: We are preparing and distributing publications which are issued monthly. Such publications are distributed in urban and rural areas. The contents embodied in such pamphlets are aimed at exposing the falsehood of qadiyyanis faith in the name of Islam and expounding the true Islamic ideology and Tawheed. The publications are respectively entitled 'AlFatwa', 'Az zawaaid' and 'Al istia’b'.

We also approached the editorial board of the Islamic newspaper, 'An nur', and they responded in the affirmative to our request to have a special page dealing with Qadiyyani issue. Since last year they began publishing our articles on Qadiyyanism, the page has been bearing series from the books on the subject authored by the greatest Muslim scholars like Allama Ihsan llahi Zaheer and Maulana Maududi.


We have also conducted seminar in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions with a view to grooming the youths for our peaceful campaign to expose the fraud of Qadiyyanis in the name of Islam.

Effects of activities

The introduction of our movement against Qadiyyanis has been greatly harmful to qadiyyanis. For decades the Qadiyyanis have been carefully hiding some of the Mirza's claims such as his claim of attaining prophethood & divinity, his superiority over Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), his female quality to bear a child who is himself.

After the disclosure of these absurd claims through our article, the qadiyyanis have been trying to react to our writings without much success. Their own founder's collection of books 'Roohani Khazain' has been an insurmountable problem to themselves. Our articles have always refered to copious quotations from his books, most of the Qadiyyanis here in Tanzania do not even known this book.

When they come across our quotes from this book, they are baffled. Their Sheikhs/preachers/murabbis have even gone to the extent as to deny the existence of that book. Their Sheikh of Nachingwea, Sheikh Kais, declined that there was such a book, when the contents of the book were read to him by Muslim youth  that Mirza once dream that he was god. But later Sheikh asked his guides, the Qadiani Preachers/Muballighs, who admitted to him of the existence of that book. This is a clear testimony of how the truth is being systematically concealed from local Qadiani chiefs. It also shows how confused Qadiyyanis are owing to the frank exposition of their own writings, which they have decided not to translate them from urdu into Swahili language with a view to eschewing ignominy.

In our public lectures conducted at Ikwiriri, people were shocked and raised voices condemning Mirza as Kafiir! Kafiir! When Sheikh Hamim Boza read out the statement from Roohani Khazain about Mirza saying he is a god. The statement overwhelmingly perplexed Ikwiriri Qadiyyanis and left them helpless, for they know nothing beforehand about such statements of Mirza. Consequently some of the Muslims who were previously deceived into accepting Qadiyyanis returned to their true faith of Islam. Alhamdulillah.

Similarly in Tanga Muslims who were carrier tricked into qadiyyanis were returned to Islam when Sheikh Kingaru presented a topic containing Mirza's defamatory statements against the Holy prophet Muhammad [saw]. When these statements were read the assembly was bewildered.  Muslims on their part learnt the words with great grief and consternation. The Qadiyyanis themselves were greatly shocked to hear of that. Sheikh Kingaru provided them with a page in which such abusive remarks are found.

The publications are a very effective method in the campaign against Qadiyyanis. Since they are alluding to the writings of Mirza, they create public awareness among Muslims and they reach people in different areas to which caravan has yet to have access. By these publications Muslims everywhere are getting equipped with convincing arguments to challenge Qadiyyanis approaching them.

What Qadiyyanis fear most is the way these publication attack the very foundation of their religion, by delving for the truth into those sensitive books authored by various scholars. The spread of these publication has created thorny environment for Qadiyyanis that every where they have to experience pricking.

In Mlandizi area coastal region [Pwani] the Qadiyyanis bought a house and established the center there. When we got informed about that, I personally went there and distributed plenty of leaflets on different subjects about qadiyyanis. I distributed them on Friday in the grand mosque of the area. An old man who had sold his house to qadiyyanis was there. When he got a pamphlet and read it, he was moved to tears and was heard supplicating, ‘oh Allah forgive me for the sin I have committed by selling my house to Qadiyyanis. I was convinced that they are Muslims but they are the enemies. oh! My lord pardon my ignorance'.

Generally Alhamdulillah the evaluation indicates that the movement is successful. The dialogue as well as the publications defend Muslims and give strength of argument to counterattack and counteract qadiyyani propaganda. Qadiyyanis now have a difficult time to propagate their false doctrine.

A lot our thanks go to An nuur which has played a very important role in the struggle. Since the newspaper is read by a wide range of people throughout the country our message reach all such people at a time being a menace to survival of their faith, Qadiyyanis are doing their best to poison the newspaper. May Allah guard and reward all brothers who fight against Qadiyyanis. Ameen.

N.B The seminars we had conducted in Dar es salaam and Morogoro regions have been fruitful. Most of the participants have joined struggle in their respective areas.

May Allah help us, and put barakah in our efforts. May Allah protect the Muslims from the Qadiyani deception and bring all those, who have been trapped by them, back to the fold of Islam. Ameen.

There is no compulsion in religion. Our task is to create an awareness about the fraud of Ahmadiyya/Qadiyaniah in the name of Islam. After knowing, if someone wants to join Qadiyania/Ahmadiyya, then so be it, let him exchange his faith for petty worldly gains.

Wabillah Tawfiiq

Sheikh Buzulu buzulu7b@hotmail.com            


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