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: Divine Marriage with Mohammadi Begum Part 2
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The Divine Marriage

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Part II

17th July 1891 4th Letter:

After about 2 months Mirza Ghulam wrote a letter to Ahmad Baig, father of Mohammadi Begum.

“We swear upon God AlMighty Omnipotent, that I had recieved an inspiration that your daughter's marriage will take place with me. If it takes place somewhere else, then unpleasant things will descend from God and ultimately it will take place with me. Since you were dear and related to me, I stressed on you with good intentions that marrying her somewhere else  would not be a blessed act. I would have been extremely cruel-natured if I had not told you this and I still make a request to your honour, with humility and respect, not to refrain from this (marriage)  relationship. For this will be a means of great blessing for your daughter and the Exalted Allah will open the doors of Divine Grace which you cannot even conceive of; no worries and no sufferings would be there as THIS IS THE ORDER OF THAT WHO HAS THE KEYS TO HEAVENS AND EARTH then why should there be any ruin in it. And you may or may not that this prophecy of the humble one has become famous in thousands of people and I think there would be perhaps more than one million people who have information of this prophecy and a world is watching for it and thousands of Christian priests are waiting, not with mischief but with stupidity, that this prophecy turns out to be false and they gain strength BUT DEFINITELY GOD WILL DISGRACE THEM AND WILL HELP HIS RELIGION. I had been to Lahore and  found out that thousands of Muslims fervently pray in the mosques after prayers for the fulfillment of this prophecy. Thus this is sympathy and is required by their love of the faith. And as this humble one believes in La ilaha illAllah Muhammadur Rasoolullah, similarly I believe on those inspirations which continuously descends on from God and I request you to share with your own hands in fulfilling this prophecy so that the blessinggs of Allah may descend on you. No one can fight God and something which has been decided in heaven, it can never change on earth. May God give you the blessings of the world and deen and now put that thing in your heart, for which he had send me the inspiration from heavens. May all your sufferings vanish, may God give you both religious and worldly (blessings). From Mirza ghulam Ahmad. 17th July 1891"

1891 5th Letter:

To Ahmad Baig:

"Then I wrote one letter on the instructions of God and on his signal, to Mirza Ahmad Baig, in which I wrote:

My dear listen! Why do you consider my serious request a useless and do not trust what I say? By God, I do not want to give you any suffering. InshaAllah you will see how much I will oblige you. If, against the wishes of my family, you accept my proposal then I promise you on oath I will give you share from land and orchard and because of this marriage the differences between us will vanish. If you accept what I say it will be a matter of benevolence and gratification and kindness towards me and I would be grateful to you and I will pray to the Most Compassionate One for your long life; and I promise you to transfer one third of my property to your daughter and I say honestly that I will give you from it whatever you will ask of me. IN such cir*****stances you would not find another person in 'sila rehmee' (taking care of relations), and loving the relations and protecting the rights of relations. You will find me your helper and saviour in your difficulties, I will bear all your burdens. Thus do not waste time in refusal and do not give way to doubts. I AM NOT WRITING THIS LETTER OUT OF MY OWN WILL, INSTEAD IT IS WRITTEN WITH THE ORDER OF MY GOD. THIS LETTER IS FROM GREAT TRUTHFUL AND TRUSTWORTHY PERSON. Keep it safe in your trunk. God is witness that I am truthful in my statement and whatever I have promised you, is from God and I have not said anything in this from myself instead whatever is said, God had told me to say through inspiration. This was the instruction of my Lord which I have fulfilled, otherwise I did not need you or your girl. IF THE TIME OF THIS INSPIRATION PASSES AND THE TRUTH DOES NOT APPEAR, THEN PUT A ROPE IN MY NECK AND CHAIN MY FEET, AND GIVE ME SUCH A PUNISHMENT WHICH NO ONE HAS RECEIVED IN THE WORLD.” (Kalma-e-Fazl-e-Rehmani by Qazi Fazal Ahmad, collection of letters of Mirza Ghulam to the relatives of Mohammadi Begum. cited in Qadiani Madhhab, Aina-e-Kamaalaat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol. 5 p. 573-574)

Letters to Bridegroom

Apart from the above letters, Mirza wrote several letters to the would-be bridegroom and threatened him that if he marries Mohammadi Begum, then he would receive divine wrath and he would be destroyed. He wrote:

"The fault of the son-in-law is that he did not care even after seeing the advertised intimidation. Repeated letters were sent to him, he did not ge scared, message was sent to him to make him understand, no one took any notice and didn't bother to break with Ahmad Baig, instead they were all together in insulting and ridiculing. So this was the fault that after listening to the prophecy, they agreed for the marriage." (Tabligh-e-Risalat vol.3 p.166, Collection of Advertisement vol.2 p.95)

Other Measures: It seems that Mirza Ghulam even tried to spend money to get this whole affair succeed. Following statement of Mirza Basheer Ahmad, highlights this aspect:

"Once Hazrat Maseeh Mowood (Mirza Ghulam) stayed in Jalundhur for nearly a month. In those days one of the real uncles of Mohammadi Begum tried to arrange the marriage of Mohammadi Begum with Hazrat Sahib but did not succeed. This is in those days when Mohammadi Begum had not yet been engaged with Mirza Sultan Mohammad. This uncle of Mohammadi Begum used to travel between Jalundhur and Hoshiarpur on a Tonga (horse-cart) and he also wanted some gift from Hazrat Sahib. And since the secret of marriage of Mohammadi Begum was mostly in his hands, therefore Hazrat (Mirza) Sahib had promised him some reward as well. But this man was ill-intentioned in this matter and only wanted to extract some money from Hazrat Sahib, because later same person along with his friends were responsible for fixing the marriage somewhere else. But Hazrat Sahib had also adopted certain clever policies regarding giving money to him." (Mirza Basheer Ahmad in Seerat-ul-Mahdi vol.1 p.174)

Mirza's god kept reassuring him about this marriage

January 1892, just couple of months before the mariage, Mirza told everyone:

"Wait for (the fulfillment of) the prophecy mentioned in the advertisement of July 10, 1888, alongwith which there is also appended this Inspiration:


Despite all reassurances from his god, despite all efforts, offers of rewards, threats of divine wrath, On 7th April 1892 Mohammadi Begum got married to Mirza Sultan Mohammad

Mirza took the revenge

This so-called prophet/messiah/mahdi took the revenge from his family. He carried out what he had threatened earlier:

 Mirza divorced his 1st wife (who was related to Mohammadi Begum and was against her marriage with Mirza)Mirza forced his son, Fazal Ahmad, to divorce his wife, Izzat Bibi.Disinherited his other son, Sultan Ahmad.Broke all relations from his family members who were involved in the marriage.

(Tablighe-e-Risalat vol.11 p.9)

1892 Qadiani prophet kept dreaming about Mohammadi Begum after her marriage

This false prophet kept dreaming about Mohammadi Begum, several months after her marriage:

"25th July 1892/ 20th Zil Hajja 1309 AH, Monday. Today at the time of early morning (Subhe Sadiq) 4.30 am I saw in a dream that there is big mansion in which my wife, mother of Mahmud and another lady are sitting. Then I filled water in white coloured water bag and lifted it and filled my pot. After pouring the water I saw that that other lady who was sitting suddenly came near me wearing RED and BRIGHT COLOURED Dress, probably a cloth made of net. I thought in my heart that it is the same woman for whom I had given advertisement (i.e. Mohammadi Begum) but her face seemed to be that of my wife; As if she said in heart that I have come. I said 'O Allah May she come', and then that woman embraced me. Upon her embracing I woke up. I am grateful to Allah for this. Two three days before this I saw in the dream that Roshan Bibi is standing at my doorstep and I am sitting inside the verandah. Then i said, 'Roshan Bibi come inside." (Tazkirah p.197)

"14th August 1892, 20th Moharram 1309AH. Today I saw in my dream that Mohammadi Begum, about whom there is prophecy is sitting in outside room with some people and her body is naked and is very ugly looking." (Tazkirah p.198-199)

Mirza Ghulam continues to pursue the married girl

Despite this marriage of Mohammadi Begum to Mirza Sultan Muhammad, Mirza did not despair. The father of Mohammadi Begum died few months after the marriage, and this boosted Mirza's confidence and he started making more grandiose claims. He did not have the decency to leave the married girl alone. Shamelessly he kept pursuing the lady with his statements and satanic inspiration.

1893 After the marriage of Mohammadi Begum, Mirza wrote in his book, Aina-e-Kamalaat-e-Islam about this prophecy in 1893. It is worth noting that Mirza Ghulam claimed that during the writing of this book twice he saw the Holy Prophet SAAW in his dream and expressed his happiness about the writing of this book and once he saw an angel calling peoples' hearts towards this book and saying: 'This is the blessed book, stand up for its respect.' (Roohani Khazain Vol.5 P.7) (Another blatant lie of course as future events proved - author)

Thus in this book he re-iterated his claims:

"I have presented you one prophecy and this is enough proof to judge my truth and lies, because it is not possible that God will help a LIAR and a FABRICATOR. Alongwith this I must say that regarding this prophecy, there are other two prophecies which I had published in the advertisement of 10th July 1888, whose subject matter was this that God will bring that lady back to me after making her a widow. Now look at it with justice that no one can depend on his own life and neither can he claim for another person that he will remain alive till such and such time or die at such and such time. Instead, In my prophecy (about Mohammadi Begum), there are not one but SIX claims:

 Till the time of Marriage, I will stay alive;The father of that girl must be alive till the time of Marriage;Then after the Marriage, the father of this girl should die quickly who will not live more than three years;Her husband should die within two and a half years;Till such time that I marry her, that girl should remain alive;And finally throwing aside all cultural bonds of becoming a widow and despite severe opposition from her relatives, she should come in my wedlock.

Now say honestly, are these things in the hands of mortals?" (Aina Kamalate Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.325)

1893 Mirza gave a sworn statement in the Court of Gurdaspur:

"The prophecy regarding the daughter of Ahmad Baig, which is mentioned in the advertisement, it is a well known matter, she is the neice of Mirza Imamuddin, the letter to Mirza Ahmad Baig quoted in Kalima Fazl-e-Rehmani is mine, and this is true that that woman has not been married to me, but she will be definitely married to me, as mentioned in prophecy. She got married to Sultan Mohammad as mentioned in the prophecy. I am telling you the truth in this court, where I have been ridiculed about things which are not from me from God. A time is coming when all heads will hang in shame ....  woman is still alive, she will assuredly come into my wedlock. What hope! I have firm belief. These are things of God, cannot be cancelled, it will happen." (Statement of Mirza in Gurdaspur Court in Manzoor-e-Ilahi p.244-245 by Manzoor Ilahi Sahib Qadiani Lahori cited in Qadiani Mazhab p.473)

1894 Mirza Ghulam writes another inspiration:

"I prayed earnestly to God, then he sent me an inspiration that I will show these people a sign from them. God took the name of the girl (Mohammadi Begum) that she will be made a widow and then her husband and her father will die within three years from the day of marriage and then I will bring this lady back to you and no one will be able to stop this." (Inspiration of Mirza Ghulam, Karamat-us-Sadiqeen, Roohani Khazain vol.7 p.162)

September 1894  Another Inspiration from God:

"The elder daughter of Ahmad Baig will be married else where, then God will bring her back to you, that is she will ultimately come into your wedlock and God will remove all obstacles from its way. Words of God cannot change." (Collection of Advertisement vol.2 p.41)

1894 In his first announcement OF 1888 Mirza had prophesied that the person to whom Muhammadi Begum would be married would die within two and a half years after the marriage. This period elapsed and Mirza Sultan Muhammad remained alive, enjoying a happy married life. This forced Mirza to extend the lease of his life. In announcement of September 6 1894 he wrote:

"The Quran tells us that the duration indicated in such prophecies belongs to the category of conditional predestination. Hence, owing to the appearance of factors causing some change or alteration, postponement of the  stipulated term and period does take place. This is Divine  Law and the Quran is replete with this. Hence for every prophecy  which is made through inspiration or revelation it is essential that its fulfillment should conform to the  Divine Law as embodied in the Books of the Exalted God. And at the present time another benefit aimed at from this is that those aspects of Divine knowledge which have been lost sight of by the people should once again be manifested and thus insight into the Quran would be renovated......

The time for divine punishment is conditionally predestined which can be put off by fear (of God) and repenting (towards God) as the whole of the Quran testifies. But so far as it relates to the prophecy, that is the marriage of that woman to this humble one that is assuredly predestined and cannot be waived off, for in the Divine revelation it is clearly stated that 'My words will never change'. For if they were to change the words of God would become false.” (Tabligh-e-Risalat vol.3 p.115, Collection of Advertisement vol.2 pp. 39-49)


1894 In the same announcement Mirza wrote:

"God will do it as he had said that I will bring that woman back after her marriage and give her to you and my Destiny will never change and nothing is impossible for me and I will remove all obstacles which are stopping in carrying out this order. Now it is evident from this Grand Prophecy that what He (God) will do and what kind of Vanquishing Might He would show. and which persons He would remove (kill) as obstacles. ..... many illiterate people would ridicule after the expiring of the time limit (of the death of Husband of Mohammadi Begum) and out of their bad luck name the truthful as liar. But those days are coming soon when these people would be embarassed and Truth will be menifested and the light of truism will shine and the UNCHANGABLE PROMISES OF GOD WILL BE FULFILLED. IS THERE ANYONE ON EARTH WHO CAN STOP THIS? BUDBAKHT (UNFORTUNATE) MAN HURRY TOWARDS MISTRUST....


Remember the prophecy of that woman's marriage is from that Omnipotent whose words cannot be rejected. But Quran is telling that the time period of such prophecies are from a variety of the suspended destiny (Mu'aliq taqdeer), thus because of the creation of the reasons for change and alteration of the date of occurence, definitely those dates are delayed. ... this is the way of Allah......" (Tabligh-e-Risalat vol.3 p.115, Collection of Advertisement vol.2 pp. 39-49)

1894 Mirza prayed earnestly to god

"If I am truthful than God will fulfill these prophecies. If these words are not from God, then my end will be very miserable and never ever these prophecies will be fulfilled. Our Lord! Judge between us and our people in truth, for you are the best of those who give judgement. And in the end I make this dua that:

O Omnipotent and Knowledgeable God! If the prophecies of severe punishment to Atham and ultimate marriage of the daughter of Ahmad Baig with this humble one, if these prophecies are from you then menifest them in a manner which becomes a sign for your creations and the mouths of dark-spirited jealous people are shut.


But if your blessing is with me and if you are the one who spoke to me and said: 'antaa wajeehee fi hadhratee, akhtertoka le nafsee' (you are respectable for me, I have chosen you for myself) and if you are the one who addressed me and said 'yahmadokAllaho min arshihee' (God praises you from His throne) and if you are the one who addressed me and said 'ya Eisa allazee laa yoda'a waqtehee' (O Eisa he does not waste his time) and if you are the one who addressed me and said 'a laisAllaho bek'aafin abdehee' (Is Allah not suffecient for his servant?) and if you are the one who addressed me and said'qul innee omirto wa ana awwalul mo'mineen' (Say I obey your command and I am the first Muslim) and if you are the one who is probably daily telling me 'antaa ma'ee wa anaa ma'ak' (you are with me and I am with you), then help me and stand up in my support. Wa innee maghloobun fantaser (and I am vanquished, thus help me).

I am Khaksaar Ghulam Ahmad from Qadian, District Gurdaspur dated 27th October 1894" (Collection of Advertisement vol.2 p.115-116)

1896 Two years later Mirza insisted that his prophecy was true and he had no doubt about its ultimate fulfillment. He again insisted that:

“I say again and again that the essence of the prophecy, the death of the son-in-law of Ahmad Beg (i.e. Sultan Muhammad) is assuredly pre-destined, wait for it. IF I AM A LIAR, THIS PROPHECY WILL NOT BE FULFILLED AND MY DEATH WILL COME. If I am truthful then God will fulfill it just as he fulfilled the prophecies regarding Ahmad Baig and Atham .” (Anjam-e-Atham p.31. Roohani Khazain vol.11 p.31, footnote)

1896 Mirza even brags about Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW's prophecy about this marriage

"To confirm this prophecy, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW had already made a prophecy from before that 'the Promised Messiah will marry and will have children'. Now obviously this mentioning of marriage and having children is not mentioned in an ordinary way, since ordinarily everyone marries and gets children as well, there is nothing special in that. Instead this marriage is that special marriage which will be a sign and children are the special children about which this humble one's prophecy is already there. Thus here Rasoolullah SAAW is answering the doubts of these black-hearted disbelievers and saying that these things will definitely be fulfilled......" (Roohani Khazain vol.11 p. 337)

1896 Mirza predicts the fate of his opponents

"It should be that our stupid opponents had waited for the outcome (of this prophecy) and had not exposed their bad-nature prematurely. When all these things will be fulfilled, then that day will these idiot opponents remain alive? And will that day all these disputants not be cut into pieces by the sword of truth? These idiots will not have any place to run and black spots of disgrace will turn their accursed faces into monkeys and swines." (Roohani Khazain vol.11 p. 337)

1896 Great Expectations kept Mirza alive

"I am not just telling you that this affair (marriage of Mohammadi Begum) has ended here and whatever has happened is the culmination and the reality of the prophecy has ended here. Rather the main affair is still pending, none can cancel it with any excuse and this fate is predestined (taqdeer-e-mubrim) from God AlMighty. Soon its time will come. By God, who sent Hazrat Muhammad Rasoolullah and made Him Best of Messengers and Best of Persons, this is absolutely true. You will see soon and I declare this prophecy as a yardstick of my truth or lies and what I have said, I have said it after getting news from God." (Roohani Khazain vol.11 p. 223)

"Remember if the second part of this prophecy is not fulfilled, then I will become worst than any evil person. O Stupids! This is not a fabrication of some human, nor is this a business of KHABEES MUFTREE (evil fabricator). Believe it that this is the true promise of God, same God whose words are not changed." (Anjam-e-Atham p.54. Roohani Khazain vol.11 p.338)

In 1901 he declared under oath:

“It is true that that woman has not been  married to me But she will certainly be married  to me as has been stated in the prophecy. She has been married to Sultan Muhammad, I say truly that in this court (i.e. the world) where people have laughed at things which were not from me but from God, a time will come when the events will take a strange turn and the heads of all will be downcast with remorse. The woman in still alive. She will inevitably come to my wedlock. I expect this to happen, rather, I have full faith in this. These are divinely ordained matters and are bound to occur.” (Al-Hakam Qadian, August 10, 1901)

Sept 1902 Mohammadi Begum Finally gets reprieve from Mirza Ghulam

To propose for a girl's hand in marriage is a natural event in every household. But in the Muslim culture of even today, let alone of late 19th century, to keep an eye on a married woman is an extremely shameless act. To think about marrying a married woman, give death threats to her husband and to repeatedly publicise such things are highly immoral and scandalous. The display of such a behaviour from a man who claims to be divinely-ordained prophet of God, just shows his wicked and vulgar nature. Mirza proposed for Mohammadi Begum in 1888, she got married to another person in 1892, but for Mirza Ghulam this was not the end of the story. He kept issuing one statement after another, one inspiration after another, for the next 10 years. He was so consumed with his own satanic-inspired prophecies that he had no regard for the honour of the married woman or her family. She became the talk of the town, but he was least bothered.

Ultimately some decent Muslims got up and started thinking of ways and means of trying to free her from the vulgarity of Mirza Ghulam. In those days, a weekly newspaper was published from Lahore called 'Jafer Zitlee' whose owner and editor was Mulla Mohammad Bukhsh. He thought of a unique way of solving this propblem once and for all, which confounded Mirza Ghulam and all his obsession of divine marriage finally evaporated.

Mulla Mohammad Bukhsh announced in his paper that soon he is going to marry Nusrat Jehan Begum who is presently the wife of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. In support of this announcement, he also published a lengthy dream, in which Mulla was married to Nusrat Jehan Begum (Asha'at-us-Sunnah). When this prophecy published in Jafer Zitlee Newspaper, Mirza Ghulam became furious and wrote in his book, Tohfa-e-Golraviya:

"Just as wicked opponents accused the mother of Hazrat Eisa AS, similarly about my wife, Shaikh Mohammad Hussein and his close friend Jafer Zitlee, purely as wickedness, concocted dirty dreams, have published them in a shameless manner. And in my enemosity, they did not observe that respect and manners which one should observe with the pious ladies of the Family of Holy Prophet SAAW. To call himself Molvi and such shameless activities!! Alas, thousand times Alas!" (Tohfa-e-Golraviyah, Roohani Khazain Vol.17 P.199, dated Sept. 1902)

By 1907 Mirza had lost all hopes of ever seeing the face of Mohammadi Begum. But people kept reminding him of his prophecy. He retaliated:

"It was also mentioned in the inspiration that the marriage of that woman with me has been performed in the heavens. It is true, but as I had mentioned, for the materialisation of the marriage which had taken place in heavens, there was a condition as well from God which was published then 'ayatohal marat toobi toobi fa innal bala 'ala uqbika' (O woman, repent repent for the calamity is after you'. When those people fulfilled the condition, the marriage was annulled or postponed." (Tatumma Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain Vol.22 p.570)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died in 1908, a disgraced and disappointed man.

While drums  for  them, their  joyous music make Your heart even in your grave will burn and ache

Mirza Sultan Muhammad had a long life. He took part in the 1st World War. He was wounded during the war but survived and both husband and wife lived happily together for nearly 40 years after the death of Mirza Ghulam.

Qadiani Attitude In the opinion of his more staunch followers however nothing can as yet be said unequivocally; for, so long as human life is in existence there is still a possibility of the realization of this prophecy. Hakim Nuruddin the 1st successor of Mirza gave a queer explanation of the matter but very much in tune with Qadian casuistry. In the 'Review of Religions', he wrote the following in connection with the death of the Promised Messiah:

“Now I would like to remind all the Muslims who have had and still have faith in the Noble Quran that since those addressed in it include also their offsprings successors and  those like them then can this prophecy not include the daughter of Ahmad Beg or the daughter of that daughter? Does your law of  inheritance not apply the regulations regarding daughters to their daughters? And are the offsprings of the Mirza not has agnates? I had  often told dear Mian Mahmud that even if the Mirza were to die and this girl did not enter into his wedlock my adoration of him would remain unshaken." (Review of Religions, Vol. VII No. 726, June & July 1908

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