:Fatwa No 29 Part 2
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: Fatwa No 29 Part 2
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then Pandit would return home. Mirza Saheb had bitterly complained about this whole episode in his book, 'Faryaad-e-Dard'. For instance he wrote:

"During those days when Lekhram was determined to abuse Islam and at every sentence he used to utter abuse, in his excitement he also did this that to argue with me he came to Qadian and stayed for one month. I did not go to his village or district to debate with him, neither did I initiate correspondence with him. He himself came to me in Qadian with his beastly excitement, and all Hindus of this place are witness that he stayed for nearly 25 days in Qadian, and he could not stop himself even for a single day from extremely abusive and harsh language. In the market on the track used by Muslims, he used to hurl abuses at our Holy Prophet SAAW and used words to incite Muslims. Due to fear of disturbance of peace, I had instructed Muslims not to stand in the market at the time of his speeches and no one should try to face him. Therefore, despite the fact that every day he used to be ready to create disturbance in collaboration with some ruffians, but because of my repeated advises Muslims had suppressed their excitement. Several honorable Muslims came to me during those days complaining that this man (Pandit Lekhram) is openly slandering our Holy Prophet SAAW, and I saw that they were very agitated, then I advised them politely that he is a traveler, he has come for debate, be patient. By my repeated checking, they refrained from their agitation. And Lekhram had adopted this attitude that daily he used to come to my house and demand to see some sign or miracle, and extremely ridiculing sneering words used to come out of his mouth. Always he used to come in the morning or in the afternoon, used to slander Islam and Holy Prophet SAAW in various manners, and as the cruel Christian Padres had propagated, he used to say repeatedly that 'your Prophet (SAAW) had not performed any miracles, neither any of His prophecies were fulfilled; just to glorify your religion Mullahs have filled the books with fake miracles'." (Faryad-e-Dard by Mirza Ghulam p.A, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p. 175-176)

Mirza's failure to perform any miracle

Question is that when Pandit Lekhram was openly ridiculing Mirza, disparaging Islam and slandering the Holy Prophet SAAW right in front of Mirza Ghulam in his own house, Pandit Lekhram was daily demanding to show him some miracle, if Mirza Ghulam really had some power of performing miracles (as he had claimed in his original advertisement) what prevented him from showing any miracle? What happened to his sense of honor for Holy Prophet SAAW? Why did he not subdue this Pandit who, day in and day out, was uttering extremely foul slanders against The Holy Prophet of Islam SAAW? After claiming (by his so-called God's permission) to have the power to perform miracle, why did he not silence Lekhram once and for all, so that others would heed the message? Mirza's following claim is on record:

"As compare to previous Prophets, I have more miracles and prophecies, rather there is no comparison between the miracles and prophecies of previous Prophets with my miracles and prophecies; moreover their prophecies and miracles are now merely anecdotes and stories, but my miracles and prophecies are eye witness accounts for thousands of people and are of such grand and august status that none can be imagined more majestic than them; that is thousands of people in the world are their witnesses, but for the miracles and prophecies of previous Prophets, there is not a single witness alive, except for our Holy Prophet SAAW for whose miracles and prophecies I am an alive witness, and Holy Quran is a live witness. And I am that one, for some of whose miracles and prophecies there are millions of witnesses." (Statement of Mirza Ghulam, Roohani Khazain vol. 18 p. 460-461)

However, a practical proof of this claim was that despite being pressed by an enemy of Islam Mirza could not perform even a single miracle. It is obvious that had there been an iota of truth in his claims of having been appointed by God or that he has power of performing miracles or that God has promised him that a heavenly sign will be exhibited at his hands, then at such a critical juncture when an enemy of Islam was lampooning Islam and openly attacking the Holy Prophet of Islam SAAW, there was no reason why Allah would not have instantaneously shown a sign at the hands of his appointee. Not only that he could not perform any miracle, he could not even subdue this enemy of Islam by his speech. He even stopped others from protesting. This proves that all his claims of being appointed by God, being told by God that heavenly signs can be observed in Qadian or that he can perform miracles, were nothing but the deception of his own nafs (flesh). Since he had made a fabrication on Allah, therefore deliberately disgraced him at the hands of this enemy of Islam. Alas! Mirza still could not read the writing on the wall.

Mirza's another weapon - Invitation of Mubahila to Arya

After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of an idolater and kaafir (Lekhram), in 1886 Mirza wrote a book entitled 'Surma Chashm-e-Arya'. In this book he invited the respectable Aryas for Mubahila (prayer duel). He wrote that the effect of this Mubahila will appear within one year.

InshaAllah in the next issue of Al-Fatwa, you will read the rest of story of Lekhram that ended in the murder of Lekhram. 


Dr. Syed Rashid Ali May 2003 



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