:Fatwa No 29 Part 1
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: Fatwa No 29 Part 1
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pt; text-align: justify; text-indent: -18pt; line-height: normal; direction: ltr; unicode-bidi: embed" class="MsoNormal">·         After surrounding my house, on the night between 13th and 14th, white clad thieves entered my house to attack me and take away my belongings. For the last 13 years I am living in this house, but under siege these things are happening.

·         In front of the outer windows of my house, 24 hours such boys are sitting that when I turn on the outer lights for security reasons, some of these boys take of their clothes and stand nude their even in the presence of my wife and daughter.

·         My innocent children have been refused education in school and expelled."

(Truth Behind the Announcement of My Mysterious Expulsion by Fakhruddin Multani)

If the Qadiani Khalifa, Mirza Mehmud was thinking that through such methods he would force Multani to give up his demands of taking an oath or commission of inquiry, then he was sadly mistaken. Fakhruddin Multani and Abdur Rehman Masri persevered in their demands through letters and flyers. Now the Khalifa changed his tactics and through his inflammatory sermons against them started inciting his gullible followers:

"On 6th August 1937, Khalifa Saheb delivered his last sermon on Friday in which his followers and warriors were roused pointing towards these persons (Multani, Bashir Masri etc.). The very next day on Saturday 7 August, around 4.30 pm at the time of Asr prayers Maulana Fakhruddin Saheb Multani, Hakeem Abdul Aziz Saheb and Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Masri Saheb (son of Shaikh Abdur Rehman Masri), all three were going towards police station, about 100 yards from the police station they were attacked by a sharp-edged weapon. This sharp-edged weapon went through the rib cage of Fakhruddin Saheb Multani and punctured his lung. Then Hakeem Abdul Aziz Saheb also received serious wounds on the mouth and cheeks through the same weapon." (Pope of Rabwa p.52 by Mohammed Mazharuddin Multani)

Fakhruddin Multani was attacked in broad daylight and he was lying bleeding wriggling with pain at the gate of Khalifa's Palace, but no one dared to attend him. Later some Muslims from Majlis-e-Ahrar (a Muslim organization dedicated to exposing the fraud of Ahmadiyyat) heard the news and they came and took the injured persons to Gurdaspur Hospital. Fakhruddin Multani died in the hospital on 13th August 1937. Amongst the 1000 Ahmadis living around the scene of crime, none could find the courage to give evidence against the culprits. Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh MBBS had his clinic in the same bazaar and he was an eyewitness of this incident. Although he was given lot of financial enticement, but the glitter of money could him stop him from giving evidence of the truth. Upon his evidence, Aziz Ahmad Qadiani was given capital punishment. Mirza Mehmud, 2nd Khalifa, offered his funeral prayer with great pomp, and labeled him a martyr of Ahmadiyyat. (Pope of Rabwa p.52 by Mohammed Mazharuddin Multani)

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