:Another Fraud of Figures

: Another Fraud of Figures
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We know that our jama,at bribe higher officers of the Pakistani government, and most of the mullahs get "nazranas" and "eidis" ( Eid Gifts) from our leadership...this is done in order to smoothly run the day to day bussiness of the jama,at....ordinary Ahmadis are shown different picture.... As a Pakistani nation we are corrupt , liars and give and take bribes is a normal practice..and at the same time we consider ouselves on the right path...most of the pakistanis are like this... I myself noticed that the jalsa hall could only carry upto 6,000 people still Canadian media has been told by our leadership that 35,000 were present during the last session??? Canadian media also mentioned that how most of the politicians were desperate to reach to the VIP lunch area , and Ahmadiyya showed there Political muscle..and even Stephan Harper was there.....and leadership of our jama,at was busy in "deals".... with them ...especially hazrat sahib showed special love and attention towards the immigration minister... Speeches and poems for ordinary urdu/punjabi Ahmadies were very religious and emotionally charged...but speeches in English were purily of political nature....which ordinary dumb Ahmadies could hardly understand...as they were being shown as a political power of our jama,at... to the ethnic vote hungry politicians ..... Pakistani nature is corrupt ..and I believe that we will eventually make Canada corrupt....

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Minister Sgro

Noman86: If you are incapable of understanding the issue at hand, it is better to keep quiet. That way no body would notice you are so ignorant. Please tell me what was in my post that was wrong. Do we have one million Ahmadies out of 600,000 Muslims in Canada? Were there 500,000 attendees at Jalsa Salana Canada this past weekend? Even the media given an exgerated figure quoted only 35,000! If a Minister of Fedral Government is so ill informed about basic facts and figures, what can we say about her policies that will result from such information base. She had a big department with a big budget, advisors, analysts, research people etc. Then why is she so mis-informed? Please tell me.

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So far so good

My dear S Ahmad, I dont know why you have to criticise jamat for some thing she is doing good ? We live in a society where public relation tactics are utterly important to run an organization like Jamat-e-Ahmadiyya. Jamat must have good relations with the politicians,This is good that jamat is playing her cards Intelligently.If Jamat has good relations with the Politicians,It will be to the benefit for the members in the last end and i think this is jamat!s most important duty to take care of the intrests of every member of jamat. Bribes,Personal contacts,relations with the politicians,being in the lime light,to be the part of the local society Etc. are the ways of blowing life in any organization. Remember the Hadiths that "You get the same kind of leaders as you are yourself".




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