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Ahmadiyya Awareness Campaign

9th July 1997


Praise be to Allah, One and Only. His Love and Blessings may shower on Muhammad  http://alhafeez.org/rashid/Durood.gifafter whom there is no prophet and upon His Pious Family and Respected Companions

Ahmadiyya in Indonesia

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Dear Brothers/Sisters in Islam

Assalamo alaikum. In the following section I am forwarding some of the correspondence that I had recently with a brother from Indonesia, with his permission of course. It is very sad that in the present world of Global Islamic Revival, there are still areas where Muslims are getting trapped by Qadiani/Ahmadiyya Movement out of sheer ignorance. This is not just ignorance from Islam, rather it is their unawareness from the man himself, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and his decietful doctrine in the name of Islam. The problem is compounded due to delibrate efforts by the Ahmadiyya Movement to portray themselves as Sunni Muslim keeping Mirza Ghulam well into the background. Outside of Indo-Pak subcontinent, very few people are aware of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani or Ahmadiyya Movement, its position in relation to Islam and the stand of Muslim Ummah/Scholars towards them. Ahmadiyya Movement takes advantage of this situation and under the garb of Sunni Muslims, they are actively engaged in trapping unsuspecting Muslims in remote areas. They use various tactics, one of which is highlighted in this case. It is hightime that Muslims should rise to this situation and fight this evil to the best of thier capabilities.

First Letter from Indonesia:

Subject: Ahmadiyya in Indonesia

Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 18:23:10 +0700

From: "yesaya"


Assalamoalaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu.

Dear Dr. Syed Rashid Ali,

I would like to know about your opinion if one of the male Moslem wants to marry an Ahmadiyya lady to be his wife.

We believe that the Holy Prophet Mohammed SAAW is the last prophet, and we would say

"AshHadu an la ilaha illa-Llah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan Rasoolu-Llah"

Now, the situation when my friend is going to proposed marry, the 4 days before wedding day, he must say that :

"AshHadu an la ilaha illa-Llah, wa ashhadu anna AHMAD GHULAM MIRZA Rasoolu-Llah"

I could not believe that and what we did, we said to our friend that he must cancelled that ceremony.

So, we would like to ask you several questions according to that situation above :

1. Is that a sin to marry a lady that she knew about Qur'an and had different "shahadah" ?2. Could my friend marry her, if she testified that Muhammad is the Rasoolu-Llah ?

Thank you for your attention and We look forward to hear from you soon.

Yesaya Waterkamp

Jakarta, Indonesia

Second Letter from Indonesia:

Subject: Further development

Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 18:07:11 +0700

From: yesaya

To: rasyed@emirates.net.ae

Assalamoalaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu.

Dear br Rasheed,

According to the confession of my friend . . . First, he recited the KALIMA with MUHAMMADAN RASULLAH and the Preacher at that time (he don't know his name) said to him that RECITING THIS KALIMA IS REALLY IMPORTANT BUT THERE IS ANOTHER KALIMA THAT IS THE PERFECT ONE, and the Preacher wants my friend to follow him to recite the second KALIMA where the name of MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD RASULLAH is mentioned.

After that, the Preacher said to my friend that right now he is a member of ahmadiyya because he was testified with that second KALIMA or in another word is called a BAI'AT. The girl's family came out from their room and shaken-hands to my friend to congratulate him, hugged him and kissed him. The girl and her family were smiled to him, and they took him to their chairman of ahmadiyya in Indonesia (he looks like a Pakistan or India) and the other leaders of ahmadiyya. My friend told us that the chairman talked with him in english and there was a guy who helped him to translate in Indonesian Language. After that, someone asked his full name and the guy wrote his name and he must signed in the form. That form only mentioned about his name, member nbr. , branch of Ahmadiyya and location, date and time and his sign. (that was my friend told to me). That was on Tuesday , June 3rd 1997.

Every Thursday night, we will read QUR'AN and listen the sermon and ask certain question that is related between our real life and the Holy Qur'an. That was on June 5th 1997. Now, my friend HERU CAHYONO,BA asked to the TEACHER what is the meaning of MIRZA GHULAM, and the teacher asked to him why and look at him sharply. For short, he explained what would happened to him on Tuesday. The teacher was angry to him and said that he was already apostate. there is no 26th Rasullah and bla bla bla ...... another sermon special for him. So, the conclusion that he must cancelled the wedding on sunday June 8th, 1997. The teacher also said to him for SHALAT ISTIKHARAH.

June 6th, 1997 he brings all books of ahmadiyya for us and we read those books, have arguments,etc. We think that all Informations are not enough, so I try to find some informations accross the Internet, then I found your website.

Right now I have several books, leaflet, etc as follows :

Leaflet Ahmadiyya ......... Title in Indonesia : JEMAAT AHMADIYAH (2 page) Contains : - The Founder of Ahmadiyya (with picture ) - Hazrat MIRZA TAHIR AHMAD (with Picture) - Introduction of Ahmadiyya - Address of Ahmadiyya ( I think this the Headquarter Ahmadiyya in Indonesia) - Ahmadiyya Broadcast (MTA International using INTELSAT Satelite) ( with 8 Languages in 8 Country include Indonesia) - Picture of "NASR" Mosque (Centre of activities in Iindonesia).Explanation Letter from Ahmadiyyah to Islamic Research and Education Foundation Indonesia. Islamic Research and Education Foundation or LPPI accused Ahmadiyya that : - Embarrassment of Islam and the Holy Qur'an and Prohibition in Indonesia. - Accusing to Ahmadiyya about their own Prophet, own Holy Book (TAKHZIRAH) and their own place for Hajj (RABWAH and QADIAN). The title in Indonesia is PENJELASAN JEMAAT AHMADIYYA INDONESIA Explanation of Ahmadiyya terhadap keberatan-keberatan dari pihak (accused) LEMBAGA PENELITIAN DAN PENGKAJIAN ISLAM (LPPI) Islamic Research & Educ. F. (Sept 27, 1994 with 12 Pages).THREE IMPORTANT THINGS BY H. MAHMUD AHMAD CHEEMA M.A This book has 50 pages and was written in 1996. Contains : 1. JESUS (pbuh) 2. Door of Prophecies 3. The HAZRAT MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD.HAPPY NEWS BY H. MAHMUD AHMAD CHEEMA M.A This book has 107 pages and was written in 1996. Contains : A good news about the New Mesiah / Promised Mesiah is already here. Between number 3 and 4, some parts of them were already mentioned in your Website about JESUS pbuh.

I bought two books : - "EX MUBALIGH AHMADIYYA was Challenge their World Leader for MUBAHILA" - "Why I quit from AHMADIYYA " and those books was written by AHMAD HARIADI ex Mubaligh of AHMADIYYA.

After all, I would like to Inform you that I will send those Leaflets, Books and everythings that I have to you as soon as possible.

Now, The situation is getting hot, after my friend break the engagement with the girl, (I don't know if this break is forever or just for a while) and then my friend's family will have a meeting on this coming sunday Jun 11th, 1997. His family want me to attend that meeting and also they want me to show the first letter from you. I don't know what is going on but they already invite me to that meeting, so I will be there. After that meeting I will send you a letter again.


Yesaya HB Waterkamp

====================Following is my reply to Brother Yesaya===============

yesaya wrote:

> Assalamoalaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu.

Dear Br Yesaya

Wa alaikum assalam wa rehmatullah was barakatohu

Thankyou for enquiring a very important issue. The short answer to your questions are: Yes it is a sin to marry a qadiani/ahmadi girl. For such a girl, reciting the Kalima of Muslims is not enough, she must also say and believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is not a prophet and is an apostate and Kafir.

First of all let me make it clear that usually Qadianis/Ahmadiyya is not openly asking anyone to recite such a Kalima where the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is recited. If they have asked your friend to do it, and if it is in writing somewhere even if it is in Indonesian language, please post a copy of it to me at my address: PO BOx 11560, Dibba alFujairah, United Arab Emirates.

Now coming to the real issue. Qadianis/Ahmadiyya Movement and its founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his followers are declared APOSTATE, KAFIR, DISBELIEVERS and OUT OF THE FOLD OF ISLAM by all Muslim scholars of all the Muslim countires.

What does Mirza Ghulam Ahmad think about Muslims:

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad declared:

"Except for the CHILDREN OF PROSTITUTE, whose hearts have been sealed by God, everyone else believes in me and has accepted me.” " (Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.547)"God has revealed to me that anyone to whom my message has reached and he has not accepted me , he is not a muslim.”" (Letter of Mirza to Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan Patialvi)"I have God’s inspiration that 'he who does not follow you and will not enter your Ba’ith and remain your opponent, he is disobedient of God and His Prophet, Hellish.' " (Advertisement in M’ayaar-ul-Akhyar by Mirza Ghulam p.8)"Thus remember as God has informed me, it is forbidden and absolutely forbidden to pray behind any disbeliever and hesitant; but is should be that your imam should be one of you." (Arba’een No 3, Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.417 footnote)Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's son says: "Our prayers are separate from Non-ahmadis, it is forbidden to give our girls to them, we are stopped to offer their funeral prayers. Now what is left that we can participate with them? There are only two kinds of relations - religious and worldly. For religious relations, it is the gathering for prayers and for worldly relations, it is the marriage and both are forbidden for us." (Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam, Kalimat alFasl p.169)

Thus as far as Qadianis/ahmadis are concerned, we all muslims are KAAFIR, BASTARDS, NON-MUSLIM, HELLISH, OUT OF THE FOLD OF ISLAM, etc. etc.

What does Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claim:

He claims that he is a prophet and he is the second advent of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW. He claims that he is superior to Holy Prophet SAAW. He claimed that he is Eisa ibne Maryam etc. etc.

It should be remembered that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had gradually evolved his claims, starting in the begining with being a servant of Islam, progressing through a stage of being a Rejuvenator (Mujaddid) of Islam, Maseel Maseeh (resembling Messiah) to Promised Messiah and finally reaching the stage when he started claiming full-fledged prophethood. During these evolutions he had been vehemently denying the progression to next stage of his evolution. For example, when he claimed that he was a Maseel Maseeh, Muslim scholars accused him that he is preparing the ground for laying the claim to Messiahship. He denied this vehemently:

"This humble self has claimed that I am Maseel MOwood which stupid people has thought that it is Promised Messiah....I have never claimed that I am Messiah ibne Maryam. He who accuses me of such a thing is an absolute liarr and fabricator. Rather it has consistently been publicised from me for the last 7-8 years that I am Maseel Maseeh, that is, God has also put in my nature certain Spiritual qualities, nature and manners of Hazrat Eisa pbuh." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol 3 p. 192)

However after sometime, in another place he said:

"I claim that I am the Promised Messiah about whom all the Divine scriptures have prophecised that he will come in the end." (Tohfa-e-Golravia, Roohani Khazain vol 22 p.295)

When he was asked how he became Son of Mary, because Hadith of Holy Prophet SAAW categorically mentions the coming of Eisa ibne Maryam, he came up with this fantastic explanation:

"He (God) named me Maryam in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 3; then as is evident from Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, I developed with the qualities of Maryam for two years and then....like Maryam, the soul of Eisa (Jesus) was blown into me and, symbolically, I became pregnant and after several months, which were not more than 10 months, through an inspiration mentioned in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 4, I was converted from Maryam to Eisa. Thus this is how I became Ibne Maryam." (Kishtee-e-Noah, Roohani Khazain vol 19 p.50)

Similarly in the begining he expressed his beliefs on the Finality of Prophethood and considered any such person who claims to be prophet as out of the fold of Islam. However Muslim scholars understood the drift of his writings and accused him that he is paving the way for claiming prophethood. He thus annoounced:

"I believe on all those things which are part of Islamic faith and as is the belief of Ahle Sunnah wal jamaat, I accept all those things which are testified by Quran and Hadith and after Syedna and Maulana Muhammad Mustafa SAAW, Khatamul Mursaleen, consider any claimant of prophethood and messengership as LIAR and KAAFIR." (Announcement dated 2nd October 1891, Collection of Advertisements)

However he kept saying things which were clearly indicating his future intentions and preparing his followers mentally to accept his claim of prophethood. He kept giving mind boggling explanations (the examples of such writings have already been given by the Ahmadi who has posted the article) to make room for his prophethood. Finally when he thought that the time was ripe, he laid the claim.

Mirza Declares Islam a Dead/Accursed/Satanic Religion:

"We believe that a religion which does not have the continuity of Prophethood (as in Islam) is a dead religion. We call the religions of the Jews, the Christians and the Hindus dead only because now there are no prophets in them. If this were the position in Islam too, we would be no more than mere story-tellers. Why do we regard it superior to other religions? It must have some distinction". (Malfoozat-e-Mirza, Vol. 10, page 127)"That religion is no religion and that prophet is no prophet by following whom a man does not come so close to God as to be honoured with divine conversation. That religion is accursed and contemptible which teaches that human progress depends only on a few narrated anecdotes (i.e. stories in Holy Quran and the Shari'at-e-Muhammadia which is narrated from the Holy Prophet pbuh - Compiler)and that the 'WAHI' has lagged behind instead of going ahead......hence such a religion deserves to be called satanic rather than divine religion." (Zamima-e-Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, Part V, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 21, p. 306)"How absurd and false it is to believe that after the Holy Prophet (pbuh) the door of the divine 'wahi' has been closed for ever and there is no hope of it in the future till the Day of Resurrection - just worship the stories. Can a religion having no direct trace of Almighty Allah be called a religion? . . . . . I say, by Almighty God, that in this age there is no one more fed up than myself with such a religion. I name such a religion as Satanic religion and not Rehmani (divine) and I believe that such religion guides towards Hell and keeps one blind in life and till death." (Zamima-e-Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, Part V, page 183; Roohani Khazain, Vol. 21, p. 354)



Mirza Ghulam Ahmad declared himself to be a prophet:

"True God is the God who has sent his Messenger in Qadian." (Dafe alBalaa, Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.231)

Mirza Ghulam steals the title of Last Prophet:

"Dead are those who did not accept one Holy Messenger. Blessed is the one who had recognised me. Of all the paths to God I am the Last Path, and of all his Lights, I am the last Light. Unfortunate is he who forsakes me, because without me all is darkness". (Kashti-e-Nooh, Roohani Khazain, vol.19, p.61)

Mirza Ghulam claims to be Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW:

"When I am the Holy Prophet re-incarnate and when all the accomplishments of Muhammad including the prophethood are reflected in my mirror of my shadiness, then who is the man who has claimed prophethood in a seperate being ?" (Ek Ghalti Ka Izala, p.8; Roohani Khazain, vol.18,p.212)"In the revelation of [Muhammadur Rasoolullah wal lazeena ma'ahum..] I am labelled as Muhammadur Rasoolullah and God has addressed me as Muhammadur Rasoolullah." (Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.207)"He who differentiates between me and Mustafa, has not seen me and not recognized me." (Roohani Khazain vol. 16 p.259)"God has named me repeatedly NabiAllah and Rasoolullah. As an image my self is not in between but it is Muhammadur Rasoolullah. Thus Prophethood and Messengership did not go anywhere. Muhammad's possession remain with Muhammad." (Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.216)

Mirza claims superiority over Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW:

"The truth is that the spirituality of the (reincarnated) Holy Prophet at the end of the 6th millennium (i.e. these days in the form of Mirza), is much more stronger, more complete and forceful than in those early years, rather it is like the 14th (moonlit) night". (Khutbah-e-Ilhamiyah, Roohani Khazain, vol.16, pp. 271-272)"The spirituality of our holy Prophet (SAW) was conceived in 5th thousand (ie Makki birth) with its precise attributes and that period was not the the climax of his spirituality's development. It was rather the first step to the highest pinnacle of its perfection. Thereafter this spirituality manifested itself in its full glamour during the 6th thousand (his rebirth in Qadian) at the present time". (Mirza in Khutba-e-llhamiyah, Roohani Khazain, Vol.16, p.266)"The mental development of the promised Messiah (i.e. the Mirza of Qadian) was higher than that of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). And this is only a part of the superiority which the Promised Messiah has over the Holy Prophet. The mental faculties of the Holy Prophet could not manifest fully owing to the deficiency of civilization; although the ability existed. They have now manifested themselves fully through the Promised Masih by virtue of the advancement of civilization." (Review of Religions, May 1929, as cited in Qadiani Mazhab, p.266, ninth edition. Lahore)


Open Haqeeqatul Wahi in volume 22 of Roohani Khazain and you will find that from pages 77 to 111 Mirza Ghulam has mentioned samples of his revelations/inspirations, mostly in Arabic. Reader who have read Holy Quran will immediately recognize the extent of whole sale plagiarization of Holy Quran by Mirza Ghulam. In between there are those verses which were revealed to glorify Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and some which were used for Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). Only Few examples will be mentioned here.

For example: Allah sends His Wahi to Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) glorifying Him and His Companions in Holy Quran:

"'Mohammadur Rasoolullah wal lazeena m'ahoo, ashiddao 'ala alkuffare rohamao bainahum' Mohammad, Rasoolu Llah, and those who are with him (i.e. His Companions)....." (Al-Quran 48:29)But Mirza's WAHI informs him: "'Mohammadur Rasoolullah wal lazeena m'ahoo, ashiddao 'ala alkuffare rohamao bainahum' in this revelation God has named me Mohammed and Messenger as well." (Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.207)Other Verses of Holy Quran, ALLEGEDLY REVEALED AGAIN to glorify Mirza Ghulam. Mirza claims: "'Howa allzi arsala rasoolahu bil huda' He (Allah) is the one who has sent His Messenger with guidance...." (al-Quran 9:33)"'Subhan allazi asra be 'abdehee ....' Glorified be He (Allah) who took His Servant on the Journey by Night from Masjid alHaram to Masjid alAqsa...'" (al-Quran 17:1)"'qul in kuntum tuhibboonal Llaha fa al-tabe'oonee...' Say (O Muhammad!) If you really love Allah, then follow me..." (al-Quran 3:31)"'Inna fatahna laka fathun mubeena...' Verily! We have given You (O Muhammad) a menifest victory...." (al-Quran 48:1-2)"'Ya Seen wa alQuran alHakeem. Innaka la minal mursaleen....' Yaseen! By the Quran, full of wisdom. Truly You (O Muhammad) are one of the Messengers...." (al-Quran 36:1-3)"'Inna a'atainaaka alKauser...' Verily! We have granted you (O Muhammad!) a river in Paradise..." (al-Quran 108:1)"'wa Maa arsalnaaka illa Rehmatal Lil 'alameen' And We have not sent you (O Muhammad!) save as a Mercy for All the Worlds." (al-Quran 21:107)

Mirza claims to have ALL the virtues of ALL Prophets:

"In this age God wanted that all those Righteous Prophets who have passed away, all their virtues should be expressed in one person, so I am that person." (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 5, Roohani khazain vol 21 p.117-118)"Because of my arrival every prophet has come alive; Every Messenger is hidden in my garment." (Poetry of Mirza Ghulam, Dur Sameen p.125)"I am Adam, I am Noah, I am Abraham, I am Isaac, I am Jacob, I am Ishmael, I am Moses, I am Eisa son of Mary, I am Muhammad..." (Roohani Khazain vol 22 p.521)

Mirza Praises Peotry:

Following stanza was selected for wall hanging by Mirza from a poetry written and recited by one of his follower in front and printed in his lifetime in his newspaper:

"Muhammad has again descended among us

and is superior in glory than before

Whoever wants to see Muhammad in perfection

should see Ghulam Ahmad in Qadian."

(Newspaper Paighamus Sulh, Lahore dated 14th March 1916)

Mirza Ghulam's relationship with God:

"You are from me like my son." (Roohani Khazain vol 22 p.89)"On one occassion Hazrat Maseeh Mowood expressed his condition like this that his condition during revelation is such as if he is a woman and God has expressed his power of virility in him. For wise men, this tip is enough to understand." (Statement of Qazi Yar Mohammed Qadiani, Tract 34, Islami Qurbani)

AND FINALLY............

The Basis for Mirza Ghulam's claims:

"The basis for our claims is not Hadith but Quran and that Wahi which comes to me. Yes, in support we also present those Hadith which are according to Quran and DO NOT CONTRADICT MY WAHI. Rest of the Hadith, I THROW THEM AWAY LIKE A WASTE PAPER."(Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.140)

There are plenty of material but this should suffice. Now it is for anyone to decide the position of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

However the above claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad led to the believe that he is second advent of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW and therefore when qadianis/ahmadis recite the Muslim Kalima it include Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and when they recite Salaat and salaam on Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is included in it.

Kalima in Ahmadiyyat:

"With the coming of Promised Messiah one difference (in the meaning of Kalima) has occured and that is that before the advent of Promised Messiah, in the meaning of 'Mohammad ur Rasoolullah' only Prophets of bygone days were included, BUT with the advent of Promised Messiah, ONE MORE PROPHET HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE MEANING OF MOHAMMADUR RASOOLULLAH......thus to enter in Islam it is still the same Kalima, the only difference is that the advent of Promised Messiah has added one more propet to its meaning...we don't need a new Kalima, because Promised Messiah is nothing seperate from Holy Prophet, as he says: 'saara wujoodi wujoodahoo (my person became his person)' and 'he who differentiates between me and Mustafa has not seen me and not recognises me'.....thus Promised Messiah is Mohammad Rasoolullah himself who has come again in tis world to spread Islam, therefore we do not need any new Kalima. Yes if someone else had come then we may have required it --- thus think all of you." (KalimatAlFasl p.158 by Mirza Basheer Ahmad)"As a result of the birth of the Promised Messiah (the Qadiani Mirza) a difference has cropped up (in the meaning of the Kalimah). Before the birth of the Promised Messiah (the Qadiani Mirza) in the world as a prophet, the words Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah) included in their meaning only such prophets as had preceded him; but after the incarnation of the Promised Messiah (the Qadiani Mirza) in the world as a prophet, one more prophet has been added to the meaning of Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah. Therefore on account of the incarnation of the Promised Messiah the Kalimah, God forbid, does not become abolished; it rather shines more brightly. In short, the same Kalima is (effective) even now for embracing Islam, with the only difference that the incarnation of the Promised Messiah (Mirza Qadiani) has added one more prophet to the meaning of Muhammadur Rasool Llah". (Kalimatul Fasl, page 158, by Mirza Bashir Ahmad Qadiani)"Moreover, even if we accept by supposing the impossible that the sacred name of the Gracious Prophet (pbuh) has been included in the sacred Kalimah because He is the Last of the Prophets, even then there is no harm and we do not need a new Kalima because the Promised Messiah is not a separate entity from the gracious Prophet as he (Mirza) himself says: "My being is exactly the being of Muhammadur
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