:The Purpose of Qadianism ( Ahmadiyyat )
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: The Purpose of Qadianism ( Ahmadiyyat )
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The Purpose of Qadianism (Ahmadiyyat)


Doctrines of Islam Feared the Most

The enemies of Allah (SWT), wishing to enslave the humanity to a relentless pursuit of the transient allures of this life, have always been very weary of two Islamic doctrines:

1.     The Islamic belief in Allah(SWT)'s limitless mercy, knowledge, and power that propels every Muslim to shape his/her life for the sole purpose of achieving closeness with Allah(SWT) in the hereafter. This means that a Muslim strives to live in accordance with the instructions of Allah(SWT) and is willing to selflessly sacrifice his/her time, talent, property and very life in the cause of Islam and humanity.

2.     The oneness of the Muslim Ummah, based in the common belief in Allah(SWT), Muhammad(SAW), and the Holy Quran, is reinforced through the rituals that all Muslims - regardless of national origin, socio-economic class, race, gender, and age - routinely follow.

Attacks faced by Islam and Muslims

It is natural, then, to expect the enemies of truth, brotherhood, justice, and freedom to attack these doctrines in their relentless pursuit to weaken Muslims, both individually and as a nation. These are some of their favorite methods:

Direct Attack Terrorism directed toward Muslims; Military Intervention.Indirect Attack Ridiculing the doctrines of Islam by: Attributing derogatory terminology (fundamentalist, intolerant, backward, ...) with Islam and Muslims; Making fun of Muslim scholars thought speeches, poetry and movies; Making fun of Islamic lifestyle; Withholding science and technology from Muslim nations and blaming the society's lack of progress on Islam; Supporting, through higher education (PHDs, MDs, Professors), those individuals who can be trusted either not to practice Islam or reject its doctrines as useless and outdated; Glorifying successful public personalities who reject the ideals of Islam; Sponsoring and supporting political leaders who are willing to slowly convert the society to an unIslamic and immoral system, designed for better exploitation of individuals and resources; Supporting organizations and individuals who reject Islamic doctrine through false publications against the character of the Prophet(SAW), authenticity of the Holy Quran and all Hadith, and the doctrines of Islam; Imprisoning legitimate Muslim scholars on false charges; Planting pseudo-scholars who preach a very destructive and baseless version of Islam; Making divisive, extremist, and heretic movements and Sects within Islam; Planting new and alternative man-made "religions".

Throughout the history of Islam, shortsighted individuals have resorted to such tactics to control the masses and undercut their innate desire for justice, equality, and freedom. The "Indirect" method has been proven to be the least costly to them - in terms of the loss of life, overall expense, and the long-term success. By relying on this method, the exploiters hope to gain the control of the masses in a slow, calculated fashion. They, in effect, hope to brainwash the Muslims generation after generation, until most "Muslims" can not recognize truth fom falsehood and will mindlessly become slaves to every whim of the immoral and the powerful.

We pray that Allah(SWT) will bestow upon us the wisdom to see these stealth methods of attacks used by the enemies of Islam.

The Role of Qadianism (Ahmadiyyat)

The Qadianism (Ahmadiyyat) cult was created and is being promoted by the enemies of Islam, for the sole purpose of weakening and dividing the Muslim Ummah, at the time when the colonial powers were seeking to prepare the Muslim world for exploitation. Setting aside the unIslamic teachings of the Mirza Ghulam Qadiani (ie. rejecting the Finality of Prophethood, claiming to be a second Advent of Prophet Muhammad, belying the verses of the Holy Quran, abusing Jesus Christ, and striving to create extremism and hatred between Muslims and Christins), the doctrine of Qadianism (Ahmadiyyat) differ from Islam in its open pursuit of making the masses obedient and subservient to the interests of immoral, unjust, and tyrannical rulers.

The following are among such doctrines of Qadianism (Ahmadiyyat), as advocated by its founders:

Every Qadiani (Ahmadi) must be willing to sacrifice his/her wealth and life for the Government (which at the time was the British Empire) in charge, regardless of the actions of the regime; No Qadiani (Ahmadi) can participate in demonstrations and Jihad against an oppressive or unjust Government; Qadianis (Ahmadis) are to follow every teaching of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani (their prophet), even when it is in clear contradiction to the teachings of Islam. Qadianis (Ahmadis) are expected to hold Qadian (India) and Rabwah (Pakistan) as their holy cities; Qadianis (Ahmadis) are taught to feel superior to Muslims and are expected to try to convert Muslims into Qadianism, by referring to false and baseless missionary arguments; Qadianis (Ahmadis) are to believe that Muslims are unbelievers;

The Qadiani leadership would like you to believe that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was a prophet of Allah(SWT) and that his instructions, contradicting the verses of Quran, common sense, and the inspiration of every freedom and justice lover individual around the globe, were not simply an attempt to enslave a nation to the foreign powers of the era! They would like us to believe that Mirza's attempt to divide the nation and make it obedient to the oppressors, exploiters, and aggressors of the era were not the act of a self-serving individual, but those of a prophet of God!

However, historic evidence proves, without a doubt, that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was engaged in spreading propaganda in support of the tyrannical British Empire of his time. As he confessed in his own reports to his British overlords, he appointed himself to his post of prophethood to "remove the spirit of Jihad (struggle for freedom and independence) from the mind of ignorant Muslims".

The evidence do*****ented on our site at http://www.irshad.org/ will leave no doubt for any believer that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was no more than a pretender and an opportunist. In fact, high level Qadianis are very well aware of this fact and have been actively engaged in activities to hide and confuse the evidence. Obviously, they are more interested in carrying out the mission of their misguided founder and propagate their wealth generating organization, than saving souls. Sadly, most of their followers are kept in the dark regarding the unIslamic role of the movement they are supporting.

We should strive hard to inform every unfortunate Qadiani (Ahmadi) of the deceptive claims of the Movement they have somehow become affiliated with.



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: 26-11-2009

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