:The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir Part 1
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: The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir Part 1
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Bismillah arRahman arRahim

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam November 2002


The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir


Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi


Mirza Tahir Qadiani played a trick on his Jamaat recently. He produced for them a stunt which he named 'Mubahala'. By injecting morphia into his jamaat in this manner he sought to deaden their sensibility and therefore headed his Mubahala pamphlet as follows:

"Open challenge of Mubahala from Jamaat Ahmadiya Alamgir to the enemies, the kaffir-makers and the beliers the world over".

Whereas, Mirza Tahir sent the copies of his published challenge contained in his pamphlet of 'Mubahala' to the elders of Ummat-e-Islamia and the elite of Millat-e-Muhmmadiya, he included, among the recipients, the name of this dervish, unknown and humble, for reasons best known to him. This humble being having received it, prepared its rejoinder, Reply to Mirza Tahir's Challenge of Mubahala, and addressed it to Mirza Tahir during Muharram ul Haram, 1409, AH. Several magazines and journals of Pakistan and India published it under the caption: "In reply to Mirza Tahir". Also, it was brought out in the form of a separate booklet. Its copies and photostats in thousands were distributed in Canada, America and other countries. Not only that, its various translated versions in the English language were also printed and vastly distributed in foreign lands. By the grace of Allah, the Qadiani progeny of liars could not and cannot wriggle out from the impact of arguments contained therein till Doomsday.

Since my rejoinder had bound down Mirza Tahir for a response and knowing it would be no easy matter I allowed him a comfortably long period of four months, i.e., till January 1, 1989. Despite my let-up, he failed to meet the date because he stood in a quagmire. Confused, non-plussed and check-mated he had no ground to move backward or forward and no room to wheel about. Ultimately, he managed with his Secretary to draft some sort of a random reply a copy of which is reproduced below followed by my comments captioned: "Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir, Last Nail in Qadiani Coffin".

Respected readers would not fail to discern that Mirza Tahir really fell through great blunders by coming out with his 'Mubahala' challenge, because:

Firstly: The decomposed and putrefied Qadiani corpse had to be exhumed for a post-mortem. This challenge subjected it to its detailed diagnostic examination.Secondly: When at Mirza Tahir's invitation I called upon him to come out in the open ground of Mubahala and pick up the gauntlet in a rendezvous, he curled down his tail meekly-- a welcome token of submission --and fled for safety. As Qadiani norms go, scores ofinterpretations flowed forth instead.Thirdly: Although this humble self had allowed a four month period for giving me a reply, Allah the Exalted inflicted a death like stupor over Mirza Tahir and his progeny who lay benumbed till the term expired. At last, the Qadiani Secre tary managed to muster himself up to write out some sort of reply. Actually, this was a work of hardly five minutes for the Qadiani secretary, but Allah, the Exalted wanted to expose Qadiani infamy and effrontery and therefore a five minute work took m ore then four months.Fourthly: Mirza Tahir and his whole Jamaat fell short of words because Allah made me recount such startling facts from Qadiani history in respect of Mirza Tahir's father and grand-father as thoroughly exposed Mirza Qadiani to be a compulsive liar, dualist-infidel and accursed apostate.Fifthly: Mirza Tahir failed in his effort to distort Quranic sense of the term 'Mubahala'. His twisting earned him nothing but a run-out from Mubahala rendezvous, befitting his grandpa's own unwitting utterance, viz., 'Died under divine execration'.

In my humble opinion Mirza Tahir will not dare take up this renewed call-out of mine. Rather, he would not have the grace to respond even.

 Now I produce a copy of the Qadiani letter, followed by our comments on it.


English translation of the Qadiani Letter

London 23.12.1988

Janab Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Sahib Ludhianvi,

 The pamphlet, published on your behalf, in reply to the 'Mubahala' invitation of Imam-e-Jamaat-e- Ah-madiya, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, has been received in which you have left no stone unturned in twisting truths and have tried once again to show your internal condition to the world by repeating absolutely loose and filthy blames. The way in which you have tried to put foul charges over holy personages of Allah, the Exalted, what reply can there be except in the words of Quran-e-Kareem which says: 'Allah's curse on the liars'.

 Tt's surprising that on the one hand you are showing attachment to the holy raiment of Muhammad (SAW) and on the other your disposition is so abhorrent as is not even distantly related to Islam.

 You say "falsity of Mirza has become as apparent as the sun at its meridian", but, queer enough, Allah, the Exalted, is continuing to give day by day advancement to the high order Ahmadiya whose foundation Mirza Sahib laid in 1889 and auspicious souls in large numbers are entering this holy order, but blind like you are still groping in darkness.

 In your pamphlet, you have repeated all over again all thoae blames which you have been alleging for almost a century, for which reason, the Imam-e-Jamaat-e-Ahmadiya, had to give the challenge of 'Mubahala', at last. If there was one bit of nobility in you, you should have accepted the challenge of Mubahala of Imam Jamaat Ahmadiya in a straight-forward manner, so that the world would have known that you are truthful and you would not have thought of undertaking the path of flight. 'Mubahala' is not the name of argumentation or disputation but it means taking the matter to the divine court through invocations going beyond debates and discussions. 'Mubahala' is the name of asking for decision through invocation from Allah, the Exalted, but gathering together of parties (to dispute) at some specified place is not necessary by the (interpretation of) the verse of Mubahala. Therefore your asking to come out on such and such date at such and such time, at Minar-e-Pakistan or any other place means nothing but your fleeing away from 'Mubahala'. Our belief is that Allah is present everywhere in the universe and from His Grasp of Authority no place is outside and no spot without His sway and might. His seat cir*****scribes the earth and the sky. Why do you hesitate to address Allah and pronounce His curse on the liars and why do you consider that presence of the concerned parties is necessary? Therefore if you possess moral or conscientious courage then come out like a man of action and after writing out all those blames which have been narrated in the 'Mubahala' pamphlet published on June 10, 1988 and which you think are correct, you write 'Allah's curse on the liars', and put your signature. Then see, how does Allah the Exalted distinguish between a truthful and a lying party within the fixed duration.

 But we give you advice to undertake righteousness and seek forgiveness of Allah and leave temerity against Allah's appointed Imam so that you save yourself from Allah's wrath and take warning from the corroborative tokens which Allah the Exalted has so far revealed.

Humble, Rasheed Ahmad Chowdhry Press Secretary Jamaat Ahmadiya



 Janab Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib,

 Peace be on those who follow the right path!

 You may recall that some time back you arranged for sending a copy of your 'Mubahala' challenge in the name of this humble self also. In reply, I accepted your challenge. My letter dated 18th Muharram ul Haram 1409 A.H. refers.

I told you in this letter: Start in the name of Allah; come out by appointing some date, time and place where you shall find this dervish waiting for you. In this very letter, I proposed to you, on my own, a certain place, date and time for holding this rendezvous. I did so lest you should back out. I gave you four months time for sending me a reply till the first of January 1989. Your reply reached me on 3rd January 1989 but it bore the signature of your Secretary Sahib. Anyhow, thanks for the acknowledgement and permit me to comment on certain points which have been raised in your letter.

POINT NO. 1 Your Secretary Sahib writes:

'The pamphlet published on your behalf, in reply to the 'Mubahala invitation of Imam-e-Jamaate- Ahmadiya, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, has been received in which you have left nothing undone in distorting truths and have tried to exhibit; once again, your inward nature to the world, by repeating absolutely loose and filthy blames. In this way you have endeavoured to place foul allegations on holy personages of Allah, the Exalted. What reply can there be to them, except in the words of Quran-e-Kareem: "Allah's curse on the liars".


Let me, first of all, do you justice for your truthfulness. You call my communication a 'published pamphlet'; no, it was a letter, written on my letterhead with my name on it. It was sent to you by registered post and it carried my signature and seal. To call my letter a published pamphlet reminds me ~f the famous proverb: "A thief might leave stealing but not prying-about. Imagine, when tricksters are apt to dodge unwary people by calling letters as published pamphlets, what distortions would they not have perpetrated on the Quranic text and Ahadith?

 You say, I have tried to bare out my latent morbidity before outside people, by having repeated my earlier-levelled charges but there is my letter before all. Anybody reading it will conclude that my presentations were historical truths, taken from the Qadiani history. Do you call them allegations and blames from my side? No, I presented ten facts--all from the Qadiani history, five of them related to your grand-father, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and five to your father Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani. Those historical facts mirrored your face and reflected on Qadianism. No surprise, when this mirror was held up to you, for looking in, you took it ill.

 Now, I enumerate those ten facts and challenge you to pin-point the one which is not recorded in your Qadiani history.


 FACT NO. 1. In his book, Anjam-e-Atham, p.282, Mirza Qadiani declared: "We would not, in future, call Ulema for a 'Mubahala'." I ask you: why in view of this categorical declaration, did you break the pledge made by your Sire-Mirza and how could you address the Ulema? It is obvious you have no reply to this tweezer of a question of mine. I told you earlier and say again that Insha Allah, you'll never be able to answer me till the day of your Doom. You are left now with no recourse and I see you wearing a countenance of run-out shame. You are sputtering at me when you say I am repeating allegations.



 FACT NO. 2. In order to relate this fact, I invite your attention to a writing of your sire, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, from his book Appendix to Anjam-e-Atham. p.54.

"Remember, if the second part of this prediction does not come about, I should be deemed worse than every wicked". What was the second part of the prediction to which Mirza Qadiani referred? I shall tell one who may not be knowing it. It was a prediction, made by Mirza for his second marriage with an already married lady, called Muhammadi Begum; that is, when her husband would die, Muhammadi Begum, the widow, would marry Mirza Qadiani.

This was the second part of his prediction to which he referred in his above writing (in Appendix to Anjam-e-Atham)

But luck did not smile over Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the dejected Romeo. The elusive bride could not be got hold of because her husband, the rival-in-love, Sultan Muhammad, did not die. Instead the angel of death came to help Mirza Ghulam Ahmad pack up, to carry him to the higher storey! Therefore, this cavalier don met no success with the dona.

I ask you, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani's second part of prediction come true?. Did Muhammadi Begum become widow in Mirza Qadiani's lifetime? No, then call him in his out-landish lingo: "Worse than every wicked. Any doubt in it? Mirza Tahir! Am I untrue?

I am amazed, Mirza Tahir, at your rude impudence. You are coming to a Mubahala rendezvous in support of a 'worse' man. Tell me, have I concocted this comparative-degree- adjectival-epithet against your so-called 'holy personage'. Have I coined it ("worse than every wicked") or your grand-papa has himself done so? This is my second question which your entire Jamaat Qadiani, misnamed by you as Jamaat Ahmadiya, feels frustrated to reply.   FACT NO. 3.This is an interesting episode, again from the Qadiani history.

Once, Mirza Qadiani arranged to convene a discussion with a local head of episcopal diocese, named Atham. For fifteen days, argumentations continued. When Mirza could not beat his adversary he invoked Allah for decision. He pronounced that Allah had made this decision for Atham that this liar would be thrown into 'Ha via', (Hell) within fifteen months from June 5, 1893.

Mirza predicted in these words in his book 'Junge-Muqaddas' p.293.

"I admit right now that if this prediction goes false i.e., if within fifteen months from this day, the party deemed to be liar in Allah's view does not fall into 'Ha via' as death punishment then I am prepared to undergo every type of punishment: disgrace me, blacken my face, collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows. I am prepared for every thing".

Time-limit started shrinking and Qadiani Jamaat was certain that Atham would die within fifteen months because Sire Mirza Qadiani had written:

"And I swear by the greatness of Allah that He will certainly do so, will certainly do so; will certainly do so; the earth and sky may deviate but not His ordainments".

As the zero hour drew nearer and the countdown started, Mirza Qadiani madly shouted:

"If I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, the evil-doers and the satans". (Jung-e-Muqaddas, last page).

During the night preceding the avowed day- break, the town of Qadian went into a drone of tumult and tribulation. Men, women, big and small rubbed their noses on the earth, lamenting:

"O Allah, Atham may die; O Allah Atham be dead! "O Allah, send a bolt from the blue for Atham!"

They were certain Atham would not live to see the dawn of the next day. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, on his part, worked out spells of sorcery the whole night before Atham's death and had charms recited over black grams to be thrown into blind dry wells. (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 1: p:178; Vol. 2 p:7).

Despite all invocations, contrivances and hulla-baloo Atham saw the dawn and many more dawns for many years. Thus, Allah the Exalted, testified that:

*Mirza's prediction was not a divine revelation; *Mirza's prediction was his imposture; *Mirza deserved the punishment he had proposed on himself, that is,  

  "Disgrace me""Blacken my face""Collar a rope around my neck""Hang me on the gallows".

Mirza Tahir Sahib, I ask you: In view of your Sire's calling himself "the most accursed of all accursed persons, the evil doers and the satans," have I used these superlative-degree adjectival- epithets about him or it was your sire grand-papa himself who used them about his own self? Are you wanting a 'Mubahala' rendezvous in support of a satan who is most accursed of all satans? Tell me, is there one single word wrong in this factual event from the Qadiani history?.  

 FACT NO. 4The fourth fact from your Qadiani history is a Mubahala challenge between Mirza Qadiani and Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi (May Allah rest his soul in peace). This was held on Zeeqada 10, 1310 AH in Eidgah of Amritsar. The late Maulana's challenge was on this issue: Mirza and his Mirzais were a coterie of liars, unbelievers, heretics, impostors and Dualist-infidels. (Majmua-e- Ishtiharat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Vol. 1 p. 425). And Mirza Qadiani had already declared that:

"Whosoever is the liar out of the Mubahala participants, perishes during the lifetime of the truthful ' (Malfuzat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Vol. 9 p. 440).

In accordance with the above stipulation Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was the liar as he perished during the lifetime of Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi on May 26, 1908, whereas the Maulana Sahib, (Allah's mercy on him), lived for 9 years after Mirza's death. (Raees-e-Qadian, Vol. 2 p. 192 and Tarikh-e-Mirza, p. 38).

Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib! In your letter you have defined Mubahala in these words: "To take a matter to the court of Allah, the Exalted, through invocation is named Mubahala. To supplicate Allah, the Exalted, for a decision is called Mubahala." From this definition, it is obvious that Divine Court is the supreme-most court whose decision is definite, direct and unambiguous. There can never be an iota of a mistake in it, God forbid. When, as a result of the aforesaid Mubahala, the Divine Court has already decided that Mirza Qadiani was an arch-liar, Dualist- infidel, one-eyed impostor, renegade and a Kafir, do you wish now to appeal against this decision? Remember, to reject this court's jurisdiction is kufr, to deviate from its decision is kufr, to appeal for its revision is kufr. Tell me, if there is one single word which I have uttered here is untrue. Actually, the questions I have raised cannot be answered by the whole Mirzai progeny put together.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad! If you believe in Allah and if you are not an atheist, then come out to accept Allah's Decision whole-heartedly and proclaim to the World that your grand-father was a grand-liar. If you will not do that, then people will have no choice but to consider you a re-production of what your grand-father once said in his Majmua-e- Ishtiharat Vol. 1, p. 397.

"The Jewish people by becoming targets of execration turned into baboons and swine. In their respect it is recorded in some commentaries on the holy Quran that apparently they were humans but their inward condition had become like that of baboons and swine and receptivity for accepting truth was wholly wrested from them. This is the sign of metamorphosed inferior shapes that they cannot accept truth, even when manifestly revealed to them. "

In Zameema-e-Anjam-e-Atham, p. 21, your grandfather wrote:

"The most unclean among all the animals of the world and highly loathsome is swine but more polluted than swine are those men who hide evidence of truth and honesty due to their selfish motivation"

Incidentally, here the grandpa has exposed his grandson unwittingly!  

 FACT NO. 5I refer to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani's published notification, titled:

"The Final Decision with Maulvi Sanaullah Saheb Amritsari">

In this, Mirza implored Allah, humbly and earnestly: "O Allah! if I am truthful, destroy Maulvi Sanaullah in my lifetime, by strokes of celestial punishments like plague and cholera and if Maulvi Sanaullah Sahib is truthful and I am a liar, a knave, a mischief-monger in Your eyes, then destroy me in the lifetime of Maulana Sanaullah.

Allah, the Exalted, issued His Decision. In line with Mirza's own malediction, Allah destroyed him on May 26, 1908, through the pestilence of cholera. (Hayat-e-Nasir, p.15). But Maulana Sanaullah Sahib, (Allah's mercy on him), lived on and on for an amazingly long period of forty-one years after Mirza's doom. This Divine Decision proves again that Mirza was a liar, a knave, a trickster, and a mischief-monger, to quote his own words.

I ask you, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, have you asked me for a Mubahala rendezvous in support of this impostor? Tell me, which word in this writing of mine will you call an accusation?

Here, I turn your attention lo a notable point The Quran-e-Hakeem has quoted an imprecation which was uttered by Kuffar-e-Makkah. They said:

"O Allah! if this (Deen) is indeed the truth fromThee, then rain down on us a shower of stones from the sky or send on us painful torments". (Quran, Al-Anfal 8:32)

Look at the extreme misfortune, stupidity and perverseness of the idolaters of Makkah that they did not invoke Allah for granting to them His favour. They did not say, O Allah! grant us the ability to accept the Deen, brought by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in case it is really from Thee. Instead, the Kafirs of Makkah said if Deen-e-Islam was genuine then stones should rain down on them or they be annihilated by Divine Punishment!

Tafseer-e-Usmani (Maktaba Rashidia, p-234) says: "Abu Jahl is reported to have invoked Allah in these words in front of Ka'ba when leaving Makkah (for the Battle of Badr). As a result, he witnessed a sample of what he had asked for ".

Following the example of Kuffar-e-Makkah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani did not say: O Allah! if I am astray in Your eyes, set me on right path and forgive me. Instead he prayed: "O Allah! if I am a liar, knave or a mischief-monger then destroy me during Maulana Sanaullah's life". Compare this self-curse of Mirza Qadiani to that of Abu Jahl. Where is the difference in the purport? Abu Jahl said: "If Muhammad (SAW) is truthful and we are iiars, destroy us through bolts and stones from the sky". Mirza said: "If Maulana Sanaullah is truthful and I am a liar, destroy me in front of him". Abu Jahl got his asked-for in Badr and Mirza got his asked-for on May 26, 1908, both getting their asked-for ultimately. Does this carry any lesson for you, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib, the Imam of self-styled Jamaat "Ahmadiya"?  


Mirza Tahir Ahmad! I have enumerated five facts recorded in Qadiani history about your 'grandpa', Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and now enumerate a similar number selected from your Qadiani history concerning your 'daddy' Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. My purpose in doing so is to stress that the 'Dad', despite Mubahala challenges made to him for half a century, did not come forward to reply not even once; nor did any of his progeny. Therefore, clearing this out-standing debt of five decades is your first charge, Mirza Tahir Ahmad! You should settle that en*****-brance first. I tell you a way out, if you are in search of one: Start with a denial of these facts and swear on Oath that Allah's wrath fall on you if you are telling a lie. Having done that you should take on the Mubahala rendezvous with Ulema of Ummat.

I am again reminded of a proverb, which runs like this: Let a winnower sing if it wants to but why let a sieve which has seventy two holes, that is, if somebody else wants to run the gauntlet, he may, but not you, Mirza Tahir, who are loaded with fifty to sixty outstanding Mubahalas. Sure, you are sitting snug in mother's lap cuddling in the British manger; what has pricked you to have come out mooing!

'Don't eulogise your stained cloak too much; just look at its flap, just glance at the tunic's knot'.  

 FACT NO. 1. Maulana Abdul Kareem accused your father, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, of immorality in 1927. He asked him to face him in a Mubahala but Mirza Mahmud would not. As a result, the poor soul was penalised. Attempt was made on his life, his friend's house was put to flames and he was dragged in courts. Ultimately, he was driven out from Qadian. Till the last, Mirza Mahmud did never have any courage to face him in Mubahala. Still worse, none of the sons of the accused had the graciousness to project their father's morals. None has come forward to take oath before Allah on pain of His pestilence catching him if Abdul Kareem was true and their father immoral.


 FACT NO. 2. Similar immorality charge was made by Abdur Rahman Misri in 1936. As a result, he was also maltreated and a breach of peace case was instituted against him in which this poor man gave the following statement in the court on oath:

"The present Khalifa (Mirza Mahmud) is extre- mely immoral. He hunts women under the guise of sainthood. For this purpose, he has kept some men and women as his agents. Through them, he gets hold of innocent girls and boys. He has formed a society in which men and women have been taken in and adultery is committed in this social get- together." (Mumtaz Ahmad Farooq, Fateh Haq, p.41).

Before proceeding further, let me highlight the background of this incident for the benefit of those who may not be knowing. This timid dotard Abdur Rahman Misri used to be a slave-like disciple of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. As a 'Mureed', he was so foolishly obedient to his 'Peer' that he cringed about with folded arms and low gaze in front of him. Once, the 'Peer' i.e., Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, feeling lusty over his 'mureed' Misri's son, Satisfied his lust by making the boy his target on his practicing board. Misri was shocked. He gaped and marrow in his bones numbed. Collecting his fallen-out crest, he asked Mirza Mahmud to appoint a high-powered committee of Qadiani elite and said he would appear in person before the elders, to prove that this sordid and unnatural act was actually perpetrated by the Khalifa over his minor son. Instead of accepting this demand, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani sprang up to make Misri and his friend Fakhrud Din Multani a butt of his reprisal. As a result, Misri was dragged into courts while Multani was found assassinated.

You, Mirza Tahir, have never come forward, vouching for your daddy's morals. Why not, I ask? Why have you not sworn before Allah, on pain of His wrath falling on you if this is true. Well, you can do it now. Your father Mirza Mahmud tried to side-track Misri's complaint by calling the affair an act of enmity of the hypocrites. By hypocrites, I know, he meant the Lahori party of Mirzais.

Here I digress, for an interesting episode which is recorded in Qadiani history. Once, in a Jum'a Khutba, Mirza Mahmud read out a letter he had received from a person whom he later called a hypocrite. This letter said:

"Hazrat Sire, the promised messiah (i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani) was a friend of Allah and friends of Allah commit adultery now and then only. Therefore, if the grand-sire committed adultery occasionally, so what?"

The letter further said: "We have no objection on Hazrat grand-sire, the promised Messiah (i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani) because he committed adultery at times only but our objection is on the present Khalifa (i.e., Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani) because he commits adultery all the time!"

Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was pleased to read out this 'holiest of holy' do*****ent, brazen-faced, from a pulpit in his Jum'a Khutba. After reading it, he did not contradict its contents. He did not swear before Allah that Divine wrath might fall on him if he was an adulterer. He only passed a harmless sort of remark which is recorded in black and white and published by Qadiani newspaper Al-Fazl, dated 31st August 1938: Mirza Mahmud said:

"It appears from this objection that this person is Paighami Tab'a" (i.e . of Lahori party of Mirzais).

My digression ends here. In view of this gross charge, the readily seen conclusion is that limb by limb, Joint by joint, and pore by pore, Mirza Mahmud was a doer of unsocial, immoral and unnatural acts. Can anybody doubt the stinking fermentation of his base elements?

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