:The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir Part 2
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: The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir Part 2
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The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir


Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi


 FACT NO. 3.  In 1956, some young men from amongst Qadianis formed a party by the name of Haqiqat Pasand Party with the object of exposing Mirza Mahmud Ahmad's evil conjurations which he performed in Samri style. They published a book called Tarikh-e-Mahmudiat. In this they collected eye-witness accounts of twenty-eight Qadiani men and women who left Qadianism because of Mirza Mahmud's immorality. All the narrations in the book are given on oath before Allah that they are not lies. Evidences therein prove that Mirza Mahmud was a very immoral person. Although Mirza Mahmud was alive those days when the book was published he dared not disprove any of those acts of his, to the extent that when they were repeated in subsequent writings none of his progeny challenged them. How about you, Mirza Tahir, to pick up the gauntlet now? But I know you wouldn't do so. This betrays that your criminal conscience abets it. Having been challenged for so many Mubahalas, as if they were oozings of mother's milk for your suckling, you have now come forward, on your own, asking for a Mubahala.

These facts which I have given are from Qadiani household after 1937 but previous to this there have been reports of dissolute acts of the Don Juan (i.e., Mirza Mahmud Ahmad) in his student life and of his adolescent waywardness.

Is it not from your history that your grandfather, (the counterfeit messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani), once set up an enquiry against your father (Mirza Mahmud Ahmad) for his juvenile delin-quency but your father escaped punishment for lack of four eye-witnesses to his actual acts?

Mumtaz Ahmad Farooq, in 'Fateh Haq' has also described the above episode: How Mirza Mahmud Ahmad had sunk into sexy involvements from the very start of his puberty. ~His father, (i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani), once instituted an enquiry against him on receiving reports of his committing immoral acts. There were four persons appointed to this commission of enquiry: Maulvi Noorud Din, Khawja Kamal ud Din, Maulvi Muhammad Ali and Maulvi Sher Ali. When the commission met to enquire, the mother of the accused presented herself secretly before them and held out front flap of her shirt supplicating before the commissioners. Admitting his guilt she begged for mercy on behalf of her son. She pleaded to them that his sinful son, if caught, would be turned out of the house by his father. As a result of this inter-cession by your grandmother, these "four sententious pundits acquitted the accused under cover of Qadiani Fiqah.

As luck would have it, Allah punished these four exponents of Qadiani Shariat at the very hands of this very 'accused' when he took over the reins of Khalifaship later. Mirza Muhammad Hussain in his book, Fitnn-e-Inkar-e-Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, has apprised us of this event.  

 FACT NO. 4.  The fourth fact, recorded in your Qadiani history, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, is about the manner in which both your father and grandfather tumbled out of this world. Here I put a question to you. Would you not say that their deaths were in the nature of a Divine Warning given to mankind? If you say they were not, OK, then would you pray to Allah to afford you the same type of ouster from the world. This question I had put to you earlier also but you did not reply because where are your guts for it! I appreciate your reasons. You are scared of that death-bed agony: into hell before hell. But would you not allow the people of the world an opportunity to see the spectacle of Allah teaching you a lesson? You could still provide the world some fun if you Published an answer to my question.FACT NO. 5.  I have drawn your attention to a number of challenge made by my renowned friend, Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti, first to your father as long he was alive and then to your brother Mirza Nasir and after his death to you lastly. I should say he has been holding annual anniversaries of these challenges. To ensure, he sends these challenges to Qadiani leaders by registered post and in every meeting which he addresses, he speaks from public platform in these words:

'Swear by Allah that you or your daddy were never an active subject or a passive object of an immoral act'?

Your father and your brother did not have the courage to answer. Now your good self too lack sufficient pluck.

Blind the evil eye! Have you invited Ulema for a Mubahala on behalf of such unsanctimonious persons! Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib, these are not blames. These are facts which you and your family cannot deny till your Doomsday. These are bright like the sun but you- Secretary Sahib, blind like bat, writes to me:

'You have tried to put foul charges over holy personages'

Libertines, holy personages? O Allah protect us! Was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad holy? Was Mirza Mahmud Ahmad holy?

I refer to a 'Fatwa', given by your Mufti of Qadian to a person named Muhammad Hussain Qadiani. He had asked: 'Why does holy sire (i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani) has his arms and legs pressed by unrelated women? The (Mufti) Chief jurist of Qadianism replied:

"He is an innocent prophet. Touching and caressing with him is not prohibited; it's rather a source of blessing and auspiciousness (Ret. Newspaper Al-Hakm, Vol.1l, No:13, p.13, dt. 17th April, 1907). Compare this with Mirza's own denial of innocence on page 5 of his book, Karamat-a-Sadiqeen:

"Sorry that Batalvi Sahib did not understand that myself or any human can ever claim to be innocent after the prophets, Allah's benediction on them all" ! But your Secretary Sahib's remarks uphold even Mirza Mahmud as innocent and holy! All greatness to Allah!

It will not be out of place, if I refer to a book titled, Hamarey Ismaili mazhab ki haqiqat aur us ka nizam, by Doctor Zahid Ali in which Doctor Sahib, on page 363 quotes a standing order from an Ismaili Imam, namely, Qazi Noman Bin Muhammad, as follows:

"If you see the Imam doing adultery with your own eyes or see him drinking wine or committing acts of lewdness, don't let your heart or tongue consider those acts as unapproved and don't doubt their correctness and righteousness at all".

It appears your Secretary Sahib and the choicest Qadianis like him have been tutored on the lines of the aforesaid Imam, to consider their Khalifa holy despite the Khalifa's lechery, despite his adultery and unnatural acts.

When men and women have produced firm evidences of immorality against Mirza Mahmud and when the latter's off-springs have kept mum, the facts stand verified. But for the Secretary Sahib Mirza Mahmud is holy! Whereas Allah decided that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was a liar, Kafir, apostate, impostor, disgraceful, contemptible 'worse then every wicked' and sire of the clan of accursed satans; your Secretary Sahib considers these epithets sanc-timonious! In other words, "My 'peer' is only a wee bit cheat, otherwise he is a Perfect saint"!

I call your attention to a recent communication sent by Janab Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Masri which is a rejoinder to your Mubahala pamphlet. He summarised in it acts of profligacy of your household thus:

The elder son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, that is Mirza Mahmud (your father) was a habitual adulterer, having affairs with married women and unmarried girls, to the extent that he committed incest with the forbidden womenfolk of his household.

Both the brothers of Mirza Mahmud, i.e., Mirza Bashir Ahmad and Mirza Shareef Ahmad were habitual sodomites and particularly the young were their targets.

The maternal uncle of Mirza Mahmud, by name Meer Muhammad Ishaq too was a habitual sodomite and innocent school-going chiIdren in particular were his victims.

In short, dignitaries of Qadiani hierarchy satisfied their sexual lust, feeling free of any social or moral restraints.

"The whole house gleamed with luminaries!"

Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib, you cannot get away by brushing these historical facts calling them unfounded allegations. Unless you absolve yourself from the charges preferred against your father, you cannot brazen it out through your 'Mubahala' challenge.  


Your Secretary Sahib writes: "Allah the Exalted is continuing to give day by day advancement to the high order Ahmadiya whose foundations Mirza Sahib laid in 1889 and auspicious souls in large numbers are entering this holy order but the blind like you are still groping in the dark".

Mirza Tahir Ahmad it is stupid to call numerical increase of your party a proof of Divine supportrt. I give you six explanations of which you are ignorant.  

 Explanation No. 1.   Why look at the increase alone. Look to which side it is tilting, whether towards virtuosity or towards evil. If it is towards the former then it is a happy augury otherwise don't be happy because it is an indication of a let-up by Allah for a subsequent pull-up. Initially offenders are warned. When they don't take heed, a let-up starts, that is, Allah allows them some latitude to develop.

Therefore Allah is pleased to say: (Translated by Mirza Mahmud himself, in his Tafseer-e-Sagheer, in Urdu, whose English rendering is: "Then leave me and leave those who belie this Book (i.e., don't go punishing them yourself). We shall pull them towards gradual annihilation from sides they wouldn't know and I will permit them a latitude (i.e., don't pray for their destruction). My contrivance is very strong (that will ultimately put them to destruction).

In Sura 'Al-Nisa': 115, Allah is further pleased to say: (Translated by Mirza Mahmud, in his Tafseer-e-Saghir, in Urdu, whose English rendering is:) "And if whosoever to whom guidance has been fully unfolded goes on opposing (this) prophet and follows a path other than the path of believers, We shall set him after the same thing that he is doggedly pursuing and will cast him in Hell and that is a very bad abode"

Allah has made apparent Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's imposture many times, and not only that, the pot of Mirza Mahmud's fake piousness bangbursted not once but several times on Qadiani and Rabwah crossroads. Simultaneously, your party has been thrown into different types of torments and troubles. As a result your father had to run away secretly from Qadian and your good self, too, following his footsteps flew from Pakistan, incognito. You ran helter-skelter to London, straight into the lap of your foster-mother, so fast that you drew a second breath only after arriving there. Why you don't take heed from me that Allah has provided you some let-ups. In His Divine Prudence He has extended your rope for a short run. Now don't misconstrue your noose loosening. It amounts to no progress, advancement or increase of your Order of Qadianis, in any tangible sense. Therefore don't measure yourself by yard-stick of numerical increase. Distinguish between profligacy and Divine Approbation.

In this world, Allah affords equal opportunities for truth and untruth to develop. This is the nature of His Law. Those who cannot discriminate between inflation and progress are victims of mutilated psyche. I give you an instance Atheism is plentiful today in the world; Satanic forces are doubling up. Evil is going up by leaps and bounds Will any wise man call this abundance a proof of Divine support?. Is increase of atheism an argument for its godliness? Hence, don't puff yourself up over flatulence of Qadiani numbers. Gaseous expansions in the belly are not a sign of health. Remember artificial stones cannot hide their identity from the eyes of a connoisseur. Animal-cules multiply after rainy seasons  

  Explanation No. 2The manner in which your party has manoeuvred to enlarge its numbers corroborates its shady nature. In support of my argument I ask you to turn to the claim which your grandfather Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani made. He said that he was the same promised messiah about whom Allah's Prophet (SAW)has foretold.

Let us now recount as to what conspicuous deeds that would-be Messiah shall be performing when he will come into the world. For this purpose, I quote none but the actual words of your father, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad written in his book Haqiqat ul nubuwwat. He says, Allah's Prophet (SAW) used these words:

"Prophets are like brothers-in-affinity. Their Moethers are different but Deen is one. And I have the closest connection with Isa bin Mariam because in between him and myself there is no prophet and he is about to come down. Therefore when you see him, recognise him that he is even-statured, red white mixed Complexion, wearing yellow clothes. Water shall be dropping from his head although water will not have been shed over the head. He will break the cross, kill the swine and will forsake 'jizia' and will invite people to Islam. In his times, all religions will be dead and only Islam will exist. Lions and camels, leopards and cows,wolves and goats will graze about together. (children will play with snakes and they will not harm them. Isa bin Mariam will remain on earth for forty years and then he will die and Musalmans will offer his funeral prayers". (Mirza Mahmud, Haqiqat un Nubuwwat, p. 192).

Out of so many signs that have been foretold is there a single one which can be microscopically traced into the personality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani in his life or deeds he performed?. Surely not. Then what sort of a counterfeit messiah is Mirza Qadiani in whom not a single micro indication is present. Just look at one fore-telling by the holy Prophet (SAW) that in Messiah's times all religions will be dead and only Islam will exist. But during the false messiahship of Mirza Qadiani what to say of all the world religions getting extinct, there was one mosque in Qadian which had gone under Sikh possession but which could not be liberated by him. It is now eighty years that he died but his followers are not even as much as 'salt in flour'. Even sweepers are more in numbers than the Qadianis.

Tell me now, are you still proud of your numbers?. If your unrelenting presumptuousness prevents you from opening your eyes and prompts you to boast I can only repeat what Allah's Prophet (SAW) said:

"When you become shameless then do what you like".  

 Explanation No. 3Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib, I shall now beat you over statistics because I have every sort of arrow in my quiver with which I shall lay your Jamaat flat on every ground.

If your supposed numerical abundance is an indication of Allah's support to the religion of Qadianis, then this support is available more to the Christians. Actually, it was your ill-omened Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani who helped the Christians to achieve numerical superiority over your people. I give population figures of Christians in the very home district of Mirza Qadiani, that is district of Gurdaspur (India), taken from Muhammadia pocket-book.

Year --- Numbers 1891 --- 2400 1901 --- 4471 1911 --- 2336 1921 --- 32832 1931 --- 43243 NOTE: Even during 1891 to 1911 when Mirza was a contemporary figure till 1908, 'busy in eradicating Christianity' the Christians multiplied tenfold from 2400 to 23365!

Your daily newspaper, 'Al-Fazl: Qadian, dated 19th June, 1941, says: "Daily 224 men of different religions in India are becoming Christians". This means 81,760 men were converted annually. If this is calculated from 1941, it works out to 39,24,480 individuals during the last 48 years.

The increase in Christian population in Pakistan is occasionally published. It is said Christians were 80,000 in both wings of Pakistan at the time of Partition in 1947. In 1951, they were 432,000 in West Pakistan which increased to 584,000 by 1961 and 908,000 by 1972. The President and Secretary of Christian Orga-nisation claimed a population of 6 million in 1976. At this rate how many more might have been added to it by 1989, you can imagine.

Recently a report came from Bangladesh that 500000 left Islam to join Christianity. For the African countries, you are not ignorant. Over there, whole populations and settlements fell en block into missionary nets. Keeping these statistics in front of you tell me if numerical strength of your party has any proportion worth the name; not even a distant comparison. Therefore, if you call your numbers a proof of Divine support to your Qadianism, can not the Christians bring the same argument several times stronger and do the Christians not have a right to assert forcefully: auspicious souls are joining the holy Order of Jesus Christ in large numbers but blind Mirzais are still groping in the dark?. If you don't think them auspicious then, by the same measure, Qadiani converts are not auspicious either; nay, they are perpetual wretches, having fallen a prey into the claws of Qadiani Mirza, the Dualist-infidel, and having left the cloak of mercy of Muhammad (SAW) (a blessing for the entire universe) by preferring Qadiani execration to Islamic blessing.  

 Explanation No. 4.  The numerical advancement of Christianity as mentioned above, is not a proof that it is enjoying Divine support but it is a proof that Mirza Qadiani was an arch-liar because due to his arrogant claim of messiahship, he took upon himself the job of hreaking the 'Cross' of Christianity. He wrote to Qazi Nazar Hussain, editor of newspaper 'Qul Qut' Bijnor (India):

"My work for which I am standing in this ground is none but this that I will shatter the pillar of Isa worship and will spread Monotheism instead of Trinity and exhibit the eminence and dignity of the holy Prophet (SAW) to the world. Hence. if even millions of signs may appear from me but this real work does not come to pass through me, then I am a liar. Therefore, why is the world hostile to me and why does it not see my accomplishment? If I succeed in doing that work in Islam's support which ought to have been done by the promised Messiah and the promised Mahdi, then I am truthful and if nothing is achieved, then let all lo witness th at I am a liar, " (Newspaper 'Badr Qadian, No. 29, vol: 2, p. 4, Dated 19th July, 1906)

The world saw the finale of this fake sire: lt is now eighty years after his death, the pillar of Isa worship has not yet crumbled, faith in Trinity has not yielded to monotheism and Christianity has seen no impediments; only Mirza's loquacity has gone bottom-side up! It has helped to spiral a greater ascendancy for the Christians. In consequence, the world must go on calling Mirza, as he wished to be called, a liar, a liar, a liar, till his Day of Reckoning!  

 Explanation No. 5In order to strike awe into guileless folk, your technique has always been to put forth false statements. Inter alia, you produce incorrect statistics and give out those figures which you have yourself fabricated. This habit of telling lies is not a recent innovation. The sire Mirza Qadian was a past master at fabricating lies. I say nothing without proofs. Contradict me if I am wrong.

Mirza, the god-father of the progeny of liars, gave the number of the Qadianis in several books as follows:

Tuhaful-Nadwa p.8; Oct 1902. Followers numbered at 100000 Mawahib-ur-Rahman p.87; Jan 1903. Followers numbered 200000 Haqiqat-ul-Wahi p.117; 1905. Disciples number 400000 Al-Istifta Haqaiqat-ul-Wahi p.32. Followers uncountable

The last entry is interesting. It may be related that once a Qadiani propagandist, from whom the German Herr Goebbles perhaps learnt the art of concoction, wrote a letter to Mirza from Alexandria (Egypt) in Arabic:

"Your followers have become numerous in this country (Egypt) and they are as many as pebbles and particles of sand. Not a single man is left here who has not acted upon your advice and not followed your helpers".

To continue with my comments, if sonebody did really write this humbug from Alexandria (Egypt), Mirza Qadiani lost no time to proclaim it as his miracle. l am reminded here of a very suitabie saying: the stupid believed what the knave said. But I ask, where is this milliard of multitude today who were 'like pebbles and particles of sand' in Egypt?

The aforesaid were Mirza's machinations. Now see some later manufacturings regarding Qadiani population which I enumerate:

 YEAR------------SOURCE------------------------------------------------NUMBER 1927-28 ----- Newspaper 'Mubahala'------------------------------- 100000 1930 -------- Qadiani author of 'Qaukab Durry' --------------- 200000 1932 ----------Qadiani debater in MUNAZIRA BASIRA ------ 500000

Against this sky-rocketing graph the census of 1931 counted only fifty-five thousand heads in the Punjab including the Lahori party. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani, while accepting this figure commented as follows:

"You suppose, there live another twenty thousand men of our party in the rest of India".(Qadiani Mazhab, p.513).

Thus to call seventy-five thousand as 7,500000 ten-thousand per cent lie. Herr Goebbles couldn't have touched these heights. Mirza Tahir, better not talk statistics with me.

After establishment of Pakistan, your party gave a false impression to the world that real sovereignty in Pakistan lay with 'Ameerul Momineen'( ! ) Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and Pakistani rulers were merely his representatives. I got a proof of it personally when I went on a tour to Indonesia where I was told that Qadianis had made it known that all Pakistanis were 'Ahmadis'. Therefore anybody going from Pakistan to Indonesia in those days was taken to be a Qadiani. This misunderstanding was later removed.

Not many years back, your party alleged that Qadianis were one million in the world against seventy-two million Muslims. This was a hidden hint towards a holy saying by the holy Prophet (SAW), "That there shall be seventy-three sects of Muslims out of which only one will reach salvation and the rest seventy-two will be consigned to Hell". Thus the Qadianis say that they are one million and the Muslims are seventy-two million and therefore the Qadianis will go to Heaven and the Muslims will go to Hell!!

This artifice got quashed when figures for the 1981 Census we;e released. Reference, Newspaper 'Jung', Karachi, lath July, 1984. The Qadianis were counted at 1,04,244. If the rest of the world is taken into account there may be another one hundred thousand elsewhere.

Therefore, you twisted the possible 200000to one million. I have just heard the latest. The graph has jumped from one million to one and a half million, i.e., 50% increase! Obviously, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, you are cool and composed over this situation, because who is going to put your figures to a test. You may go on bawling out your wares as pompously as you like. But an anecdote comes to my mind here. They say, a rustic posed a question to a mathematician, once: "Sir, you are renowned for your mathematics, tell me where is the centre of the earth"? The pundit looked askance. The rustic jeered: "Pooh! I am illiterate but I know". Saying this he took his stick and drew a circle on the ground as best as he could. Planting the stick in the middle of his drawing he said. "This is the earth's centre. If you say no, then go and measure all sides of the earth".

Just as the rustic knew he could not be challenged because no one could measure the radius of the earth from his chosen centre, similarly you too are comfortable in your bombastics. You know that nobody would count the Qadiani population to put you to nought. True, the mule of falsehood can move with the lash of lies only. To exult over untruths befits the slaves of the pseudo-prophet.

"Verily Allah does not confer guidance on those who are immoderate and liars".
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