:A DIALOGUE from Tanzania Part 1

: A DIALOGUE from Tanzania Part 1
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ormal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal">         On one occasion Mirza managed to obtain money through subscription, as he announced to the public that he was intending to publish a fifty-volume book but at last after raising funds, Mirza published only 4 volumes of this book, and he did not return the money to those who paid in advance.

·         On the other occasion Mirza swindled money out people by violating the mathematically [numerical] procedure. Mirza contended that the difference between 5 and 50 was just zero instead 45, so by the writing 5 volume he claimed to have accomplished a project of 50 volume.

·         Also the article questioned why Mirza claimed to be God [Rohaani khazain vol.15 pg. 103]


In the January 2003/Dhulqada 1423issue no 87 of ‘Mapenzi ya Mungu’Qadiyyanis replied thus:

·         Mirza truly announced to publish his fifty volume book. now if there is anybody alive whose grandfather donated money for the purpose, he should produced evidence so that we can refund him but not to blame Mirza. (But the fact remains that Mirza did not return the money - author)

·         About Mirzs saying that the different between 5 and 50 is zero, that is no uncertain matter for even prophet Muhammad in the night of Mairaj, had prayers minimized, instead of 50 there were 5. So by Mirza writing of 5 volume instead of 50 there should exist no doubt.

·         Regarding Mirza's dream that he was God, there is nothing doubtful because prophet Yusuf [a.s]  had a dream that the stars, the sun and the moon prostrated to him. Also in the battle of badr God says 'It is not you who slew them it was it was Allah; when thou threw west [a handful of dust]it was not thy act but Allah[8:17] Would it be said here that Muhammad [saw] was god?



About the explanation of vision, Alama sayyid Abdul ghani annblus says in his book, “Taabir of stars”, anyone who saw in a dream that he was God it should mean that God would soon make him that person attain the guidance he desires.

Dr Rashid is a dangerous prophet of Satan:

In their Qadiyani Newspaper 'Mapenzi ya Mungu' issue no 84, the qadiyyanis warn that both Dr Rashid and Abdul Hafeez Shah are prophets of Satan. Dr Rashid once claimed that he is prophet Elias [a.s] but his mission was banned by Pakistani government under act 260 of the constitution. It was Mirza Tahir the leader of ahmadiyya who exposed Dr Rashid allegation in 1994 so Dr Rashid is prophet of Ibilis.

SubHanAllah. When they could not prove the truthfulness of Mirza and defend the allegations against him, they started throwing dirt in the eyes of people by saying that Dr Rashid is the prophet of ibless or that Dr. Rashid has also claimed to be prophet. This is a pathetic attempt to discredit th work of Dr. Rashid and inshaAllah Muslims will not be decieved by such propaganda.

Wabillah tawfiiq

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